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About Ultimate Studios, Inc


CW Trident Control Room 2

Recording & Mixing Engineer
Charlie Waymire

Charlie designed and built Ultimate Studios, Inc with his bare hands which gave him the luxury of creating a space that is all about being creative. Built by an artist for artists!

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Mastering Engieer Ernesto Homeyer at Ultimate Studios, Inc

Mixing & Mastering Engineer
Ernesto Homeyer

Ernesto lives, eats, and breathes music! His musical background spans everything from Rock to Jazz to Classical. He has a Bachelors Degree in music from Musicians Institute and has been a long time production partner (almost 18 years!) with Charlie. He is a brilliant mastering and mixing engineer!

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Ultimate Studios, Inc Photos

Have a look at the inside of Ultimate Studios, Inc! See the control room, live room, gear, and more!

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Get your music mixed at Ultimate Studios, Inc with mixing engineer Charlie Waymire

The Gear of Ultimate Studios, Inc

Ultimate Studios, Inc has lots of great gear! From the Trident 88 console and custom Overstayer pres to Marshall amps, Rogers Holiday drumsets and bags full of Paiste cymbals! All available for you to use on your sessions….for FREE!

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engineer Charlie Waymire with drummer Chad Smith and bassist Kevin Chown at Ultimate Studios, Inc

Engineer Charlie Waymire with drummer Chad Smith and bassist Kevin Chown at Ultimate Studios, Inc

Clients of Ultimate Studios, Inc

Some great musicians have recorded at Ultimate Studios, Inc; Chad Smith, Ray Luzier, Glen Sobel, Land Richards, Alex Al, Kyng, Statues of Cats, Duranbah, Life, Dankrupt, and many more.

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Client Testimonials

Check out what clients are saying about Ultimate Studios, Inc!

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