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Selected Credits

E = Engineered, M = Mixed, MA = Mastered, DR = Drumming, C = Composing, V = Video

Tarja Album due out late 2015 Recording Chad Smith & Kevin Chown E
Duranbah "Runaway" E,M,MA
Statues of Cats "Memorabilia" 80/20 Records E,M,MA,P
Dankrupt "Chapter 11 Dankruptcy E,M,MA,P
Paiste Video featuring:
John JR Robinson,
Dean Butterworth,
Jason Sutter &
Franklin Vanderbilt
Promotional Video Produced by FullOnDrums.com E,M
Tomorrows Bad Seeds Upcoming EP Urban Tone Records E (drums & bass)
Tita Hutchison "Hello Love" featuring Lee Sklar (Bass), Michael Thompson (Guitar) E,M,MA,DR
Paiste Video featuring Vinnie Coliauta Promotional Video Produced by FullOnDrums.com E,M
Reese Mastin "Beautiful Nightmare" Sony Music E (drums, 3 tracks)
Jordan Millar “Cold Lights On Curious Minds” E (drums)
The Sonic Chameleon The Sonic Chameleon E,M
KingQueen "Get Loud" E (drums)
EGH "Not Again!?" Let's Eat Records E,M,MA
Right Hand Rule Upcoming Album E,M
Kyng "Trampled Sun" RealiD Records M (3 tracks)
Kyng "Burn The Serum" RealiD Records E,M
Broken Decency "Sin & Filth" E,M,MA
PDP "Mass Delusion" Heavyocity Records E (drums)
Graham Harper "City of Dreams" E,M
King Crazy "Hero" Let's Eat Records E,M,MA
Mozane "Love Kills" E,M (1 track)
Mozane "Time For Freedom" (single) E,M,MA,DR
Groggy's Grogg "Pursuit" M
Paiste Cymbals Paiste Day L.A. 2011 Live Video M
Paiste Cymbals NAMM Presentations V
DKNY "The Chase" Commercial Featuring Hilary Duff E,M,C
Omni Peace "Congo Video" Educational Campaign E,M,MA,C
Drum Magazine Educational Videos V
MXL Microphones Promotional Video V

More Clients of Ultimate Rhythm Studio

Lindsay Rimes – Producer (Reese Mastin, McClymonts)
Scott Francisco (composer)
Charles Sydnor (composer Malcolm In The Middle)
Benjamin Kahle (composer)

Chad Smith – Red Hot Chili Peppers
Mike Avenaim – Emblem3/Scott Weiland
Josh Freese – Session Drummer
Ray Luzier – Drummer for Korn
Glen Sobel – Drummer for Alice Cooper
Jeff Bowders – Drummer for Paul Gilbert
David Myers Jr. – Frank Ocean
Henry McDaniel IV – Big Sean/Stanley Clarke
Abel Vallejo
Scott “SVH” Von Heldt
The Local Weather
Camilla Gervide
Forrest Blackburn
Mark Thomas
Katie Campbell
Nathan Carter
Kyle Rector
Kurt Berger
Christina Comley
Santiago Guirdiola
Darren Augustus

Malcolm In The Middle (FOX)
Help You Help Me (ABC)
True North Snacks
The Drinky Crow Show

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