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Live Concerts, Music Events, & Video


Music + Video = Fans


The tools you need to succeed!


V.I.P. Events
Music Videos
Live Studio Concerts
Activating Your Fanbase
Album & EP Release Parties
Filming Recording Sessions
Unique, High Quality, Social Media Content


Your music is your brand…

…we give you the tools to build it.



Tita Hutchison EP Release Party at Ultimate Studios Inc

Tita Hutchison Live Concert & EP Release Party


At Ultimate Studios, Inc we believe in giving bands and artists everything they need to build a long and lasting career. We are uniquely setup as a recording studio that is geared towards the modern music business by offering not only the best in audio recordings but HD video as well.

Producer/Engineer Charlie Waymire has spent his life in the music business and knows just how hard it can be to get ahead, to reach new fans. That’s exactly why he built Ultimate Studios, Inc…to give artists a creative venue to showcase their talents.


Activate Your Fans

Holding an Album or EP Release Party at Ultimate Studios, Inc has many advantages. First off a recording studio is an awesome place for a release party!

Leverage the power of social media to give select fans the chance to be a part of a truly special night. Hold a contest, have friends share band photos or logos, or even help generate more likes for your Facebook page. Be creative and get your fans talking about you to everyone. Award your best fans with a V.I.P. night with the band.


Album Quality Audio + HD Video

Since Ultimate Studios, Inc is a state of the art recording studio you’ll have the opportunity to have an amazing live recording that you can use to promote your band. It could be released as a live album for sale or used as content for members of your band’s website.

Video IS king. Period. We live in a visual world and artists and bands need high quality video. Building a strong presence on YouTube can be one of the best ways to amass fans from all over the world and filming a live concert, release party, or music video is the best way to get your music out across the globe.



Let Us Do The Work

You have enough to worry about with writing songs, booking shows, managing 50 different social media outlets, and occasionally sleeping. We will not only help you host your event, we’ll record it, video it, mix it, edit it, and master it. That’s a lot of “it”! From start to finish we’ll take care of you. That’s what we do. We take care of our artists!

From the first production meeting to the final mixes and edits we’ll make sure you get exactly what you need to further your career. You can count on that!

Contact us today via the website or by phone at (818) 308-4553 to setup an appointment.



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