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MXL Microphones

It’s no secret that MXL Microphones are extensively used at Ultimate Rhythm Studio which is why URS was the obvious choice to record and video demos for most of the MXL product line. The goal was to give musicians and studio owners a chance to hear exactly how the microphones sound on a variety of instruments. Each video is shot in HD and there is no compression or equalization on the audio or video.

Charlie enlisted the help of several fellow teachers and long time cohorts to record each instrument. They include: Ernesto Homeyer (guitar), Brian “Hacksaw” Williams (vocals), Tita Hutchison (vocals), Joerg Kohring (acoustic guitar) and Charlie (drums).

MXL makes a wide variety of mics that will fit any budget. Both King Crazy records, Hero & A Rockin’ Christmas, were recorded with MXL microphones.

Have a listen for yourself!

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Here are a couple videos:

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