FullOnDrums.com - ep5 Ultimate Rhythm Studio

FullOnDrums.com ep5 – Ultimate Rhythm Studio

A new installment of FullOnDrums.com is now live. In this episode Charlie gives you a glimpse of how he works at Ultimate Rhythm Studio. Get ready to learn how to do it all by yourself!


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Full On Drums.com is the one stop source for information for anyone interested in recording drums. Tips, tricks and techniques are presented via video, audio and text to allow the recording drummer and engineer to advance in all aspects of his or her craft. Each weekly episode offers tips, tricks and techniques as well as insights from a wide range of professional engineers and drummers and will be accompanied by full-bandwidth, multi-track audio downloads. Weekly episodes are accompanied by additional videos, articles, interviews, news and reviews from around the drumosphere. Any style from beginners to pros, you’ll find it here at FullOnDrums.com!

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FullOnDrums.com ep5 – Ultimate Rhythm Studio

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