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Right Hand Rule Tracks Last Song Of New Album

The boys in Right Hand Rule were back in the studio this week tracking the final song for their upcoming album. With all the rhythm tracks finished all that’s left is lead guitar, some percussion and vocals. It’s been a long road finishing up this album but it’s definitely going to be worth it!

“Working with Leslie Jones and Right Hand Rule is always a pleasure. He has a group of musicians, that when they play together, have a very unique vibe and sound. Very much like the groups from the 60’s & 70’s where the sum was greater than the parts. To me that is what makes a band unique. When you put a group of musicians together and they create a unique sound that only happens when that group is together. It’s special. says engineer Charlie Waymire

Here are a few links to Right Hand Rule on the net:

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Mo Beeks

Mo Beeks - Keyboards

Rob, Pharaoh, Jones

Rob, Pharaoh & Mr. Jones



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