The Music Chamber Live, In-studio, Concert

The Music Chamber: Sonja Midtune

We are extremely happy to announce that we have the first video from our new show “The Music Chamber” online! Last month we featured 3 amazing artist in a live, in-studio concert, that we streamed live to the entire world. Sonja Midtune, Dankrupt, and Statues of Cats.

The Music Chamber” concert series features in-studio performances by some of the best artists in Los Angeles with a live studio audience as well as streaming live to the world!

The series of live music performances presented in a studio setting, similar to VH1 Storytellers. The goal is to give music artists a chance to perform in a personal setting meant specifically for music and to give audiences a chance to see musicians in a way they’ve never seen them before…live in a recording studio.

Ultimate Studios has the ability to record, video and live stream these performances, which gives the artists a channel to an audience beyond the people in the room on the day of the show.

Enjoy 3 amazing performances from Sonja Midtune!

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