Dankrupt recording drums "All of My Love" Ultimate Studios Inc Van Nuys

Dankrupt releases new video single!

Recording Drums with Dankrupt!

Once again I’m very honored to work with my friends in Dankrupt. In one form or another I’ve worked with them since the very beginning and it has been fun to watch them grow as band.

We spent a couple days recording drums for a few songs and this the first release. New drummer Justin Lottie did an amazing job!

Dankrupt Recording Drums Van Nuys Recording Engineer Charlie Waymire Drummer Justin Lottie

Perhaps my favorite part of working with Dankrupt is they always like to play together. Even though we were only focusing on recording drums the entire band was in the room playing live!

Recording this way the ensures that the entire band has an effect on how the music will ultimately feel when it’s all done. Let me tell you it really makes a difference in how the drum tracks feel on the recording!


Dankrupt Recording Drums at Ultimate Studios, Inc in Van Nuys. Producer Rudy Pagliuca engineer Charlie Waymire

This time around they worked with producer Rudy Pagliuca and I think it was a really great fit.

It was my first time working with Rudy and I’m hoping we work together in the future. Not only was he fun to work with but he really pushed me to come up with something unique for the bands drum sound and not just go the typical drum recording route for their style. That was very refreshing.

We had some great talks about the current state of the music business and how bands should approach their sound. His views definitely left an impression on me!

Check Dankrupt out at Dankrupt.com, Dankrupt on Facebook, Dankrupt on Instagram.


Director & Editor // Evan Croker
Actress // Veronica Badell

Music & Lyrics by Dankrupt
Produced by Rudy Pagliuca
Assistant Engineer – Bruno Romano
Drums Recorded with Charlie Waymire at Ultimate Studios Inc
Mixed & Mastered by John Naclerio of Nada Recording

Check out the video!

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