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Vote Rob Leines for Ameripolitan Music Awards!

Vote Rob Leines to “Outlaw Male” for the 2019 Ameripolitan Music Awards!

Our Outlaw Country madman Rob Leines is up for an Ameripolitan Music Awards! Please vote for Rob,
“Best Outlaw Male”, at . Voting ends September 7th so don’t wait!



Outlaw Country Rob Leines & Producer Charlie Waymire at Ultimate Studios, Inc Recording Studio Van Nuys North Hollywood

Rob released his new Album “Bad Seed” this year and has been touring non-stop since it’s release. If you haven’t already caught a show you should! Rob and his band put on a great show. You’re guaranteed to have a good time!

Rob Leines’ music originated in the Southeast within the Appalachian Mountains. With the influence of Country, Rock and Roll, and Blues, his unique Americana sound was born on the hills of Tennessee. Soon after Leines expanded to the west. While welding and metal working for the oil and gas industry along the pacific coast, Rob’s music took on a more raw and gritty side.

The blue collar lifestyle and southern roots make for a genuine representation of the American songwriter through his music. The Rob Leines Band is a fresh sound, with a rowdy charisma and attitude that country rock needs.

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