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Recording Studio Tools! Trident Deca Dent 500 Rack

Charlie’s Favorite Recording Studio Tools! Trident Audio Deca Dent 500 Chassis

I’ll admit I’m a latecomer to the 500 series world. For whatever reason I put it off but the Trident Deca Dent has become an important part of my recording studio tools.

There are a lot of cool flavors of compressors and equalizers for the 500 series format. A lot of them quite affordable too. The 500 series format also makes it easy to build unique and customizable channel strips for recording or mixing and the Trident Deca Dent has some very handy features to make that even easier.

500 series chassis Trident Audio Deca Dent Sweetwater

On the back of the unit there are two sets of switches per channel. First off is the stereo link option (1-2, 3-4, etc..) via the stereo link switch. If your gear supports stereo linking this will activate that feature.

The “Feed” Function

Next is the option to feed one channel into the next. This feature is really cool and has come in very handy for me when I have taken the Deca Dent out for live recordings. The “feed” switch allows you go in one channel and out the next. Say you have a mic pre and a compressor that you want together as a channel strip. Typically you would patch those two pieces of gear together in your patchbay. With the “feed” feature you can do that right at the Deca Dent! You would go in to the mic pre (in this case channel 1), turn on the feed switch in the back to feed channel 1 into channel 2, and come out of channel 2 and intor your i/o. One input and one output. Talk about saving cables!

You could also make a full channel strip with mic pre, eq, compressor by feeding 1 to 2, 2 to 3. Of course you could get very creative with this feature and link multiple compressors, eq, or whatever together.

On top of the cool linking features there is the option of connecting the Deca Dent via XLR calbes or DSub making it very flexible.

But don’t take it from me, take it from the me that’s in the video below!

Happy recording!


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