Taiwanese band Mixer

Mixing for Taiwanese Artist “Mixer”

Last year I had the wonderful pleasure of going to Taiwan and putting on several recording clinics with studios in Taipei and Kaohsiung along with my partners in crime Hao and Tao. Well they have opened up Ultimate Studios, Inc Taiwan and this year I got to mix a project they produced at their brand new studio.

The grammy winning band Mixer worked a new tracked at Ultimate Studios, Inc TW and was Mixed and Mastered here at Ultimate Studios, Inc in Los Angeles by myself and Ernesto Homeyer. They shot a new music video as well and a full behind the scenes video of the entire recording process along with Warm Audio.

It was so much fun having the chance to work on this track with them and the new studio. It’s a really cool band (even if you don’t speak Mandarin the melody is catchy!!) and I wish them all the best!

Have a look and a listen below!


Lyrics | Sheng Hao
Composition | Ann
Arranger | ???Mixer
Vocal | Sheng Hao
Drum | Vincent
Bass | Eno
Guitar | Ann
Guitar | Bosy
Producer | Tao
Recording Engineer | Hao
Mixing Engineer | Charlie Waymire
Sound Designer | Steven
Mastering Engineer | Ernesto Homeyer
Mastering Studio | Ultimate Studios Inc.
Powered by Warm Audio
Director | Sheng Hao
Videographer | Bosy / Kyte / Choerhchun
Editor | Bosy / Kyte
Typography | Bosy / Kyte

Music Video

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