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Recording Drums with Bloodfeast Ritual

Some sessions are brutal and then some sessions are BRUTAL!

Metal maniacs Bloodfeast ritual entered the studio to start recording their debut EP. Initially we did 6 days of tracking. 4 for drums and 2 for guitars and bass (they were loooong days!). 

Drum Recording Studio Los AngelesThe drum sessions were really fun. Tom Tierney brought in his monstrous Tama Birch Babinga kit which is a gorgeous kit. We put all new Evans heads on everything before the initial tracking and tuned everything just right. 

Our goal was to capture the actual drum sound for the EP live and not rely on samples to define the sound. To do that we spent a decent amount of time tuning and dialing in the tones.


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With a kit this size it can be challenging to capture everything evenly so we spent a lot of time going around the kit to make sure everything was represented. 

Once that was done it was all about getting Tom a good headphone mix and hitting the record button. 

I’ll leave the rest of the details to the video but suffice it to say we had a TON of fun. 

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