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Console Side Chat Live Recording!

On our next Console Live Chat Live Stream we are actually going to do some recording!

If you’ve joined us for one of our Console Side Chat Live Streams then you know we cover a LOT of topics. The best part being that we get to hang out with all of you!

Since our topic of conversation always centers around recording music we decided to have a little fun and record a little ditty live during the stream! The setup will be drums (2 mics only!), bass, electric guitar and acoustic guitar.


We need your help in selecting the mics we’re going to use for the recording. We’ve created a simple poll with a set of mics for each instrument and we need to you vote. Sunday before the live stream we’ll tally the votes, setup up the session and go live!

You can vote at:

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Live Stream!

The link below is live. Be sure to set a reminder!

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