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Add Depth & Character to your sound with Drum Re-Amping

Recording Drums at home? Want to add depth and character to your drum sound with a real room?

With Drum Re-Amping I can use the great room here at Ultimate Studios, Inc to add a real room sound with a sense of depth to add to your pre-recorded drums.

Using great mics and analog gear including Trident Audio, Rupert Neve, AMS Neve, Heritage Audio, Tonelux, Overstayer, Audio-Technica, Roswell Pro Audio and more.

I have 3 great packages to fit your needs:
#1) 1 pair stereo processed mics: $100
#2) 2 pair stereo processed mics: $135
#3) 2 pair stereo processed mics + 1 mono processed mic: $150

These prices are for a single song and an **UNATTENDED** session. Additional songs are $35 each. Up to 5 songs are available at one time. Simply select the package and number of songs you’d like to record to see the price.

If you need more than 5 songs recorded please contact us.

For the session I will Zoom with you so you can be a part of the session in real-time (if possible). Sounds from the session will come right off the console so you can hear exactly what’s being recorded.

Once you’ve purchased your re-amp option you will be contacted within 24 hours to setup your session time.

Happy Recording!

**Attended sessions will be booked at the regular studio rates. Minimums apply. Contact for details.

Additional information

Drum Re-Amping

#1) One pair of stereo processed mics, #2) Two pairs of stereo processed mics, #3) Two pairs of stereo processed mics + One mono processed mic

How Many Songs?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5


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