Minimal Miking Master Class Vol. 2



Get GREAT Drum Sounds Anywhere!

Over 90 minutes of comprehensive training!

This Master Class is for:

– Anyone that is recording at home but only has a minimal amount of gear
– Is on a budget and still wants to get great drum sounds
– Just starting out and want to learn techniques that actually work
– New to mixing drums and need tips to get started

What you get in Minimal Miking Master Class Vol. 2:

– Comprehensive analysis of 2, 3 & 4 microphone setups that work!
– Each setup is demoed by drummer extraordinaire Ryan MacMillan
– Musical context with each microphone setup so you hear exactly how it sounds
– Tips on dialing in your kick drum
– Tips to deal with room acoustics
– In-depth discussion on mic placement
– Mixing tips to get the most out of your recorded tracks
– Creative EQ techniques
– Parallel techniques including Compression & Expansion
– Adding ambience to your minimal miked sound
– Creating a room sound without room mics
– Using ambient mics to expand and thicken your sound

Minimal Miking Master Class Vol. 2 is an extremely comprehensive course in getting great drum sounds with a minimal amount of microphones. Charlie breaks down techniques that he has uses on a regular basis and shows you how to do it at home. Drummer Ryan MacMillan joins Charlie to demo each of the setup along with 3 different musical contexts so you get to hear the setups in action!


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