4 twists on minimal drum miking

Charlie Talks Drum Miking & FREE eBook!

Charlie Talks Drum Miking & FREE eBook!

I absolutely love recording drums! There are so many possibilities to create interesting and unique sounding drums to fit a song’s personality. Finding that sound can take some experimenting but when you find it, it’s plain magical. Experimenting is a BIG part of learning how to find that sound. The more time you put into experimenting the better understanding you’ll have about how drums sound, about what your microphones hear, about mic placement. All of this will ultimately lead you to better sounding drums!


Take your drum miking skils to the next level! 4 Twists On Minimal Drum Miking FREE eBook from engineer Charlie Waymire

That’s one of the BIG goals of “4 Twists On Minimal Drum Miking“; to help you understand the drums better and get great sounds without needing lots of gear. By using less gear it really makes you think about what sounds you’re going after and where you’re placing your microphones. These are just a few techniques that I hope will help you not only get better drum sounds but spark your imagination to come up with sounds that are unique to you and your music.

Remember, it’s not just about recording a great drum sound. It’s about recording the “right” drum sounds for your songs, or for your client’s songs. As you experiment with these techniques give them some sort of context so you can learn how they really sound, how the drums fit into the music and how the music fits around the drums.

The recording process can, and should be, an amazing journey. Be creative and experiment as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to try something different and don’t get stuck just recording one way. Whether it’s drums, guitars, vocals, bass, banjo, or any combination of instruments, remember that it’s art. It’s YOUR art.

Have fun and enjoy “4 Twists On Minimal Drum Miking“!

– Charlie

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