Last Great Nation releases “The Black Pilgrimage”

Last Great Nation releases “The Black Pilgrimage”

It’s time to get HEAVY!

I had the chance to reunite with my Speak No Evil cohort Greg Weiss and House of Zombie 8 string slinger brother Dan Yob to work Last Great Nation’s new release EP “The Black Pilgrimage”. This EP is NOT for the faint of heart. LGN weaves its way through heavy riffs and odd-time signatures while still making it possible to bang your head. It’s incredible really.

We tracked the drums and guitars here at Ultimate Studios, Inc and I had the wonderful privilege of mixing the EP as well. Mastering duties went to my USI partner Ernesto Homeyer.

Greg and Dan are top notch musicians and have written a seriously awesome EP. I was honored to get to work with them and I really hope you all enjoy these songs.

Check Last Great Nation out at:

Buy the EP on iTunes

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Alchemy Heroes Tracking Debut EP! (w/video)

Alchemy Heroes Tracking Debut EP! (w/video)

Tracking for Alchemy Heroe’s debut EP is official done! Staying true to engineer Charlie Waymire’s preference, the band tracked everything live except vocals. 4 guys in a room playing rock ‘n’ roll! The way it was meant to be! AH is a great group of guys that have written some really good rock tunes.

The band features Lucas Holter (vocals), Kurtis Berger (drums), Ben Jindra (bass), Steve Stout (guitar/vocals), and Timmy D (vocals). The majority of the ep was tracked in a weekend at Ultimate Studios, Inc and finished this week with Ben Jindra laying down cello and violin (see video below). Mixing should be complete in the coming weeks. In the mean time enjoy a little video and a bunch of photos!


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Fun Jam at URS!

Fun Jam at URS!

A big thanks to everyone that attended jam night at the studio. It was a very fun hang and some great music was played by some fantastic musicians!

Here’s a few photos from the event:

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Right Hand Rule Tracks Last Song Of New Album

Right Hand Rule Tracks Last Song Of New Album

The boys in Right Hand Rule were back in the studio this week tracking the final song for their upcoming album. With all the rhythm tracks finished all that’s left is lead guitar, some percussion and vocals. It’s been a long road finishing up this album but it’s definitely going to be worth it!

“Working with Leslie Jones and Right Hand Rule is always a pleasure. He has a group of musicians, that when they play together, have a very unique vibe and sound. Very much like the groups from the 60’s & 70’s where the sum was greater than the parts. To me that is what makes a band unique. When you put a group of musicians together and they create a unique sound that only happens when that group is together. It’s special. says engineer Charlie Waymire

Here are a few links to Right Hand Rule on the net:

Right Hand Rule Facebook Page
Right Hand Rule ReverbNation Page
Right Hand Rule on Twitter

Mo Beeks

Mo Beeks - Keyboards

Rob, Pharaoh, Jones

Rob, Pharaoh & Mr. Jones



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King Crazy Releases “A Rockin’ Christmas” EP

King Crazy Records EP @ Ultimate Rhythm Studio

King Crazy - "A Rockin' Christmas"

King Crazy (featuring Charlie on drums) recorded, mixed and mastered their most recent release “A Rockin’ Christmas” at Ultimate Rhythm Studio. This is one fun Christmas record!

Check out the official press release below.


King Crazy’s heart and soul is a Rock n’ Roll band. Not Glam Rock, not Metal, hell not even Hard Rock. Just good ‘ol straight forward Rock n’ Roll. All of this is what makes “A Rockin’ Christmas” one fun Christmas record! “A Rockin’ Christmas” was recorded, mixed and mastered at Ultimate Rhythm Studio in Hollywood, CA by band members Charlie Waymire and Ernesto Homeyer. “We set out to make a fun, rocking Christmas EP and I think we achieved that goal” says drummer Charlie Waymire.

King Crazy didn’t simply cover a few holiday songs, they put their own twist on them with some clever arrangements, rockin’ guitar riffs, thundering drum grooves, lots of cool vocals and a touch of organ just to top things off. King Crazy’s band members Brian “Hacksaw” Williams (vocals), Ernesto Homeyer (guitar), Menno Verbaten (bass) and Charlie Waymire (drums) are joined by a truly talented cast of musicians including Tony Landers (piano on “White Christmas”), Gary Pritchard (piano & organ on “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”), Leslie Jones (sax on “White Christmas”) and Nicole Carson & Aubrey Buchanan (all background vocals).

With rockin’ and fun renditions of “Jingle Bell Rock” & “White Christmas”, the groovin’ blues shuffle version of “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” to the AC/DC-esque track “Winter Wonderland” we’re sure that “A Rockin’ Christmas” will not only be a great addition to your holiday music catalogue but will jump start your holiday office parties too!

It’s time to bust out the Eggnog and crank up the Christmas tunes!

“A Rockin’ Christmas” is available at and

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