Live Tracking Brings Music To Life

Live Tracking Brings Music To Life

There is no better way to breathe life into your music than using real, live musicians. That happens to be our specialty here at Ultimate Studios, Inc! Producer/Engineer Charlie Waymire has built up a long list of the best players in LA with the sole intent of helping YOU create better music. Adding live instruments to your music will make it groove better and give it a timeless appeal.

One recent session included drummer Real Drum Tracks Now drummer Mike Avenaim (Emblem3/Scott Weiland), Bassist Kevin Chown (Chad Smith’s Bombastic Meatbats), and guitarist Christ Vazquez (Daniel Powter/Andre Cymone). Working with Charlie this uber talented group worked with a new pop artist to add a real, live, band to a rock track. The benefit of using a group a musicians like this is they all bring years of music experience to the music. That makes these tracks special!


“My goal is to always have the most talented group of people in the room, at the same time, recording on your music. That way I know the artist is getting exactly what they need for their songs. I take great pride in my work and so do all of the musicians I work with.” says Producer/Engineer Charlie Waymire.


What ever you need we can deliver. Full band tracking, real drum tracking, adding live musicians to your programmed songs, mixing, mastering, and video, we can do it all! Contact us to get your next session started and come by and see the studio!


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The Local Weather Records New EP

The Local Weather Records New EP

The Local Weather was recently in the studio recording tracks for their upcoming EP with engineer Lizzy Ostro.

Nick Goffi (guitar/vocals, Dan Fisher (bass/vocals) & Joe Riches (drums) have a killer sound with an influence from bands such as The White Stripes and The Black Keys.


“We tracked 4 songs for their upcoming EP and everything sounded GREAT! I can’t wait for everyone to hear it!” says engineer Lizzy Ostro.


Visit The Local Weather Facebook Page and The Local Weather Website for more info on the band.

The Local Weather & engineer Lizzy Ostro

The Local Weather & engineer Lizzy Ostro

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Right Hand Rule Back In The Studio

Leslie Jones

Leslie Jones

It’s been about a year but Right Hand Rule is back at Ultimate Rhythm Studio recording new tracks. Rhythm tracks are in the bag as well as vocals on two tunes. Guitars and sax are coming up next.

“Tracking Right Hand Rule is a lot of fun because the instrumentation varies pretty radically from tune to tune. We have room, and time, to experiment with different mic set ups and sounds which helps create a very interesting sonic landscape. On top of that Mister Jones and crew are really cool people and a lot of fun to work with.” says Charlie.

Here is a little sneak peek video of Mister Jones laying down some percussion parts during the session from this past weekend.

Continue reading to view some photos from the session.

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New EGH Album Getting Close!

EGH Sophomore Album In The Mixing Stage

It’s been a loooong time since EGH release their debut record “It’s About Time“. 2003 to be exact. The new release is getting very close and, at the moment, is set to be released in November. Tracking is done on all but one song and mixes are completely done on several tunes. Here are a few pictures from some of the sessions over the last year.


Ernesto, Charlie & Justin

Charlie Waymire

Charlie getting pumped to record!

Mister Jones & Charlie preparing to record sax

Mister Jones & Charlie preparing to record sax!

Ernesto & Mr. Jones

Ernesto and Mister Jones work on a melody.

Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones playing sax!

lao Tizer

Recording Lao Tizer on keys.

Charlie's drums

Charlie's drums side shot

Charlie's drum back shot

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