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Anthony Pirro Records Debut EP

Anthony Pirro Records Debut EP

Songwriter Anthony Pirro (along with Producer Brian “Hacksaw” Williams) has wrapped up production on his debut EP at Ultimate Rhythm Studios.

The songs were initially started at the old facility with Vocals, Mixing & Mastering being completed at the new location.



“We had a lot of fun recording this EP. The mixes sound great and I’m excited for Anthony to put it out.” says engineer Charlie Waymire.

We’ll keep you posted on the release!

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King Crazy Finish New EP “Unload”

Official Release 5/17/2011

King Crazy - "Unload"

“Unload” is a bit of a departure from their debut release “Hero”. Although both albums are pure, honest rock music; “Unload” is much heavier! With hard driving grooves, in your face guitar riffs and melodic and sometimes angry vocals “Unload” with make the rush hour drive way more enjoyable!

Here’s a preview of the song “Door”:

King Crazy’s “Unload” features:
Brian “Hacksaw” Williams – Vocals
Ernesto Homeyer – Guitars
Charlie Waymire – Drums
Pharaoh Barrett – Bass (on the title track Unload)
Justin Apergis – Bass (on Door)
Ernesto Homeyer – Bass (on Snake)

“Unload” was recorded at Ultimate Rhythm Studio in Hollywood, CA.
Recording Engineers: Charlie Waymire & Ernesto Homeyer
Mixed by: Charlie Waymire
Mastered by: Charlie Waymire & Ernesto Homeyer

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