dru room miking

Drum Room Miking – Using The Wall!

Drum Room Miking – Using The Wall!

Using a wall for Drum Room Miking

I LOVE experimenting with drum room miking. I also love finding techniques that can work in any room, provide some extra vibe and give me extra options during mix down. That to me is a win win!

In our last window we used an amp to create a vibey room sound but in this video we’ll use a wall!

One technique (or trick if you will) that I have used for a long, long time is miking the wall. Yes, miking the wall!

how to get a drum room sound - recording studio los angeles

My mic of choice for this is the ubiquitous SM57 and by placing the mic as close to the wall as possible, so a business card can barely fit between the wall and the mic, the 57 is turned into a boundary mic. The 57 is already filtered on the top and bottom by nature and the wall tends to add to that.

I like this because that can help soften the cymbals a little as well as smearing the transient in a really cool way. This is what allowed me to get a “room sound” in my old studio that was pretty small and didn’t actually sound great. Add a little compression and you can get some real excitement out of this one microphone!

Now every room is different. As always I highly recommend experimenting in your room to find the best placement. And don’t forget the floor is a wall too!

Check out the video below and let me know how this works for you!

Happy recording!



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