Right Hand Rule Back In The Studio

Leslie Jones

Leslie Jones

It’s been about a year but Right Hand Rule is back at Ultimate Rhythm Studio recording new tracks. Rhythm tracks are in the bag as well as vocals on two tunes. Guitars and sax are coming up next.

“Tracking Right Hand Rule is a lot of fun because the instrumentation varies pretty radically from tune to tune. We have room, and time, to experiment with different mic set ups and sounds which helps create a very interesting sonic landscape. On top of that Mister Jones and crew are really cool people and a lot of fun to work with.” says Charlie.

Here is a little sneak peek video of Mister Jones laying down some percussion parts during the session from this past weekend.

Continue reading to view some photos from the session.

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New EGH Album Getting Close!

EGH Sophomore Album In The Mixing Stage

It’s been a loooong time since EGH release their debut record “It’s About Time“. 2003 to be exact. The new release is getting very close and, at the moment, is set to be released in November. Tracking is done on all but one song and mixes are completely done on several tunes. Here are a few pictures from some of the sessions over the last year.


Ernesto, Charlie & Justin

Charlie Waymire

Charlie getting pumped to record!

Mister Jones & Charlie preparing to record sax

Mister Jones & Charlie preparing to record sax!

Ernesto & Mr. Jones

Ernesto and Mister Jones work on a melody.

Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones playing sax!

lao Tizer

Recording Lao Tizer on keys.

Charlie's drums

Charlie's drums side shot

Charlie's drum back shot

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PDP Releases “Mass Delusion”

100% Heavyocity

PDP - "Mass Delusion"

Los Angeles, CA’s soldiers of Power Groove Metal, P.D.P, have released their debut full length album “Mass Delusion”. This record is 100% pure Heavyocity!

The drums for “Mass Delusion” were tracked at Ultimate Rhythm Studio by drummer Ro Batres. “Ro was absolutely impressive!” says drummer/engineer Charlie Waymire. “This is some crazy heavy, complicated and physically demanding music and we had a very limited amount of time to record drums. Imagine someone saying you have to move a mountain by hand and you only have 3 days. Ro not only killed it but played with more intensity and volume than I’ve ever seen someone play that kind of music. If you like killer riffs and bad ass drums then “Mass Delusion” is for you!”

“Mass Delusion” is available on iTunes

For more on PDP visit them at:

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Paiste Day LA 2011 Concert Mixed @ URS

Performances by Aquiles Priester & Eloy Casagrande

Paiste Day 2011

In January Paiste Cymbals held their first “Paiste Day LA” event at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA. This was an all day extravaganza featuring amazing performances by two amazing Brazilian drummers; Aquiles Priester & Eloy Casagrande.

The video footage from the Concert Hall at Musicians Institute looks amazing and Paiste Cymbals commissioned Charlie’s (also a Paiste Artist) services to mix the audio and prepare the videos for web deployment.

The blazing performances by Aquiles and Eloy were deeply musical. Drawing from their Brazilian heritage, these guys bring new meaning to modern drum set performance. The musical application of sound colors they roll with is at the same time frightening, and inspiring. To have these magnificent virtuoso performers in our Family of Paiste Artists, is truly spectacular. Thank you guys for a night that we will always remember.

Here is the first video installment of our recent PAISTE DAY L.A. event held at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California.

Read Paiste News Release
View full HD video on Paiste’s YouTube Channel

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MXL Videos Demos

MXL Product Demos Recorded @ URS

MXL Microphones

It’s no secret that MXL Microphones are extensively used at Ultimate Rhythm Studio which is why URS was the obvious choice to record and video demos for most of the MXL product line. The goal was to give musicians and studio owners a chance to hear exactly how the microphones sound on a variety of instruments. Each video is shot in HD and there is no compression or equalization on the audio or video.

Charlie enlisted the help of several fellow teachers and long time cohorts to record each instrument. They include: Ernesto Homeyer (guitar), Brian “Hacksaw” Williams (vocals), Tita Hutchison (vocals), Joerg Kohring (acoustic guitar) and Charlie (drums).

MXL makes a wide variety of mics that will fit any budget. Both King Crazy records, Hero & A Rockin’ Christmas, were recorded with MXL microphones.

Have a listen for yourself!

MXL Video GalleryMXL YouTube Channel

Here are a couple videos:

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Broken Decency Records @ URS!

New Brutal Version of “Hang Sick”

Broken Decency

Melodic Metal masters Broken Decency recently recorded a new, and more brutal version, of “Hang Sick” at Ultimate Rhythm Studio.

“Originally we were just going to track the drums so Alex came in and totally slayed the track, by himself!” says Charlie.

“Tracking the drums went so well we ended up recording everything here. The guitar tones we recorded are so thick, juicy and brutal they literally knock you over! Celia came in at 10am to track vocals, not exactly rock ‘n roll hours but she totally killed it!

I had a blast with this crew and I hope to work with them more in the future!

Check out BrokenDecency.com for sound clips, video and more info on the band. Also be sure to vote for them at the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands!

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