EGH Releases “Not Again!?”

EGH Releases “Not Again!?”

Not Again!?” is an instrumental magic carpet ride! From the funk grooves of “JB’s Broken Leg” and “Funky Strut” to the progressive rockers “T3” and “Explorer”, “Not Again!?” demands more than one listen!

Not Again!?” was recorded, mixed and mastered at Ultimate Rhythm Studio by Charlie Waymire and Ernesto Homeyer.


Besides the main three amigos “Not Again!?” has a slew of special guests.

Ernesto Homeyer – Guitar
Charlie Waymire – Drums
Justin Apergis – Bass

w/special guests:
Leslie Jones – Sax
Lao Tizer – Keys
Charles Sydnor – Accordion
Menno Verbaten – Bass (Kinda Spanish)

Enjoy a video of “Frettin’ Freddy” off of Not Again!?.

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An Afternoon In The Studio Turns Heavy!

An Afternoon In The Studio Turns Heavy!

One day it’s a ballad, the next day it’s a funk tune. You just never know but on one particularly sunny day in Hollywood Charlie, Ernesto and Menno went a little insane and this is the result. A little hint…it’s not a ballad and it’s not a funk tune. Enjoy!

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New EGH Album Getting Close!

EGH Sophomore Album In The Mixing Stage

It’s been a loooong time since EGH release their debut record “It’s About Time“. 2003 to be exact. The new release is getting very close and, at the moment, is set to be released in November. Tracking is done on all but one song and mixes are completely done on several tunes. Here are a few pictures from some of the sessions over the last year.


Ernesto, Charlie & Justin

Charlie Waymire

Charlie getting pumped to record!

Mister Jones & Charlie preparing to record sax

Mister Jones & Charlie preparing to record sax!

Ernesto & Mr. Jones

Ernesto and Mister Jones work on a melody.

Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones playing sax!

lao Tizer

Recording Lao Tizer on keys.

Charlie's drums

Charlie's drums side shot

Charlie's drum back shot

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