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Roswell Pro Audio “Little Wing” & Drum Videos

Roswell Pro Audio “Little Wing” & Drum Videos

What is better than recording great musicians with great microphones? Nothing!

Roswell Pro Audio is a boutique microphone company based in northern California. They make a couple really nice microphones; The Delphos and the Mini K47.

Matthew at Roswell contacted me about producing a few videos to showcases what these two mics on drums and with a full band. This was my first full experience with these mics and let me just say that they sound fantastic! Drums, bass, guitar, vocals, you name it, they were great.

The first video we put each mic to the test on drums and tracked a few really cool minimal mic setups. Check it out below and here for yourself.


As much fun as it was to produce the drum video Matthew wanted to get a video with a full band. In other words he wanted to make some music! For this I enlisted the help of some of my favorite musicians. Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper) on drums, Ric Fierabracci (Blood Sweat and Tears, Chick Corea) on bass, Jeffery Marshall (Alan Parsons Project) on guitar, Alexx Calise (Batfarm) and Jude Crossen on vocals.

This was really fun recording session and video shoot. How could it be anything else when you have the most amazing musicians on the planet! This video also showcases the versatility of the Roswell Pro Audio microphones. Don’t take my word for though. Check out the video below.


Learn more about Roswell Pro Audio at

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FullOnDrums Open House & Seminar!!!

FullOnDrums Open House & Seminar!!!

Ultimate Rhythm Studios will be sponsoring the first ever Open House Extravaganza by FullOnDrums! The event will be held on December 7, 2013 between 1pm-6pm at Ultimate Rhythm Studios.



Have questions about recording drums? Want to learn more about drum micing, tuning, head choices, and more?

Then come to the FullOnDrums Open House Extravaganza where you can hang out with the FOD crew and get your questions answered. Charlie, Scott, and Kurt will be on hand to talk about any part of the recording process.

The day will feature demonstrations (full schedule below) on how to record drums, tuning, anatomy of a drum, and much, much more.

Lucky attendees will have chances to win one of two microphones from Audio Technica and drumheads from Evans Drumheads!

Drummer extraordinaire Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper, Six A.M., Paul Gilbert) will give tips about recording and treat us all to a killer performance.


Please RSVP at if you plan on attending.


The goal is to create a community for drummers and recording enthusiasts to hang out and talk about the art of recording drums!


1pm – Come hang out and talk about everything drum recording. There will be plenty of gear setup to check out!
2pm – Minimal Micing Demonstraion featuring Audio-Technica Mics – approx. 30min
2:30pm – AT2020 Giveaway
3pm – Kurt Berger Tuning Clinic / Drumhead Giveaway featuring Evans Drumheads- approx. 30min
4pm – Kick Drum/Snare Drum micing demo – approx. 25min
5pm – Glen Sobel guest Clinic/Performance – approx. 30-40min
5:30pm – AT2020 Giveaway
6pm – Closing down the studio for the night.


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