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King Crazy Finish New EP “Unload”

Official Release 5/17/2011

King Crazy - "Unload"

“Unload” is a bit of a departure from their debut release “Hero”. Although both albums are pure, honest rock music; “Unload” is much heavier! With hard driving grooves, in your face guitar riffs and melodic and sometimes angry vocals “Unload” with make the rush hour drive way more enjoyable!

Here’s a preview of the song “Door”:

King Crazy’s “Unload” features:
Brian “Hacksaw” Williams – Vocals
Ernesto Homeyer – Guitars
Charlie Waymire – Drums
Pharaoh Barrett – Bass (on the title track Unload)
Justin Apergis – Bass (on Door)
Ernesto Homeyer – Bass (on Snake)

“Unload” was recorded at Ultimate Rhythm Studio in Hollywood, CA.
Recording Engineers: Charlie Waymire & Ernesto Homeyer
Mixed by: Charlie Waymire
Mastered by: Charlie Waymire & Ernesto Homeyer

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