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Behind The Scenes – Drum Recording Ninja Workshop

Behind The Scenes – Drum Recording Ninja Workshop

Go behind the scenes of the Drum Recording Ninja Workshops. This video is from a live Periscope broadcast and was shot just prior to our latest Drum Recording Ninja Workshop. For this workshop Charlie was joined by his cohort Scott Francisco and drummer extraordinaire Jeff Bowders.

The Drum Recording Ninja Workshops are for ANYONE that is interested in recording drums. Topics that are covered include tuning tips, mic types and choosing the right mics, overhead techniques, room micing techniques, minimal micing techniques, and much, much more. Our goal is to show you techniques that you can use on your very next session!

For those of you who haven’t attended a workshop yet we would like to give you a little behind the scenes look at the setup. We have fun at these workshops and so does everyone that attends. Below are a few photos plus the input list for the workshop.

Enjoy and we hope to see you at the next workshop!



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Session Reports – In the Studio w/Charlie Waymire

Session Reports – In the Studio w/Charlie Waymire has launched a new video series called “Session Report”.

In this new series Charlie will document actual sessions at Ultimate Studios, Inc. He’ll talk about choosing microphones to fit the artists sound, micing techniques and concepts, gear, and most importantly why he chooses to use a particular mic or setup.

Session Reports are all about context. Some setups will be fairly straight forward and some may be more unorthodox. The goal is to show what went in to capturing a sound for a specific artist.

The debut Session Report episode features drummer Jeff Bowders (Paul Gilbert/Puddle of Mudd). Jeff performs a track of his album “The Pilgrimage of Thingamuhjig”. Check out the video below and be sure to visit for a complete breakdown of the session including photos, mic list, outboard gear list, and detailed session notes.




Jeff Bowder's and his Tama drum set at Ultimate Studios, Inc filiming Session Report

There is a secret to getting great drum sounds that surpasses almost anything else. It’s more important than having good mics, killer drums, or even an amazing room. What I’m about to tell you might shock you…..but it’s a secret that will always set you up for great drum recordings. Are you ready?

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Real Drum Tracks Now Q & A w/ Jeff Bowders

Real Drum Tracks Now Q & A w/ Jeff Bowders

Jeff Bowders in the quintessential rock drummer. His groove is powerful, his sound is big, and his chops are tight. He has recorded and toured with some of the biggest names in rock including; Paul Gilbert, Puddle of Mudd, Joe Satriani, Andy Timmons, and Mike Keneally to name a few. He has also released a solo record titled “The Pilgrimage of Thingamuhjig” that showcases Jeff’s technical prowess and monster groove!

Jeff is also a published author with 3 titles penned for Hal Leonard; “Essential Rock Drumming Concepts”, “Essential Drumset Fills”, and “Double Bass Drumming Workshop”.

Real Drum Tracks Now is proud to have one of the best rock drummers in the business on the roster.

1) What’s your experience working with different types of artists?

It varies all over the map. Some artists are very specific in what they want others just want me to play the way I would instinctively approach the song. Some artists can convey and articulate what they’re going for where others require a bit of experimentation to discover what it is they want.

2) How do you approach a song when it’s presented to you?

If the artist has given me no direction, I listen to what the groove is to determine what my foundation will be. Then it’s identifying the dynamic changes within the song so I can support the tension and release. If there are any specific rhythmic passages within the song I make note of it and experiment different ways to interpret it.

3) What if an artist has a specific drum idea for their songs?

Great! I’ll also try to offer some suggestions that may go along with their original idea just to see if they may like that better.

4) Does it help for the artist to give you references of other artists to help convey their ideas?

References are always welcome. The key to getting to best possible result in the studio is communication. Using reference songs, drummers, Dali paintings, whatever, it’s usually all helpful.

5) What’s the most important part of your job as a drummer?

To play as many notes as possible!!!! Haha!! My goal is to make everyone and the song sound better and to drumistically contribute without being a distraction.

Hire Recording Session Drummer Jeff Bowders

Watch Jeff’s Videos:

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“Real Drum Tracks Now” Officially Launches

“Real Drum Tracks Now” Officially Launches

We are very proud to announce the launch of a Real Drums On Demand! We bring you, the artist, musician, producer, band, composer, the absolute BEST drum tracks!

We’ve made it easy to actualy get an awesome studio in Los Angeles, CA, and accomplished engineer that KNOWS Drum Recording, and the absolute BEST drummers on the planet on your songs. With 1 email you have our very own Drum Recording powerhouse team!

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with some very talented artists from all around the world. Matter of fact the very drummers on the Real Drum Tracks Now roster and I have been doing this for quite some time now and I’ve always wanted to make this kind of talent easily accessible to artist all over the world. Our business is getting you the Drum Tracks that you simply can’t get anywhere else.” says Producer/Engineer Charlie Waymire.


Take a few moments to get to know our talented roster of session drummers. We’re sure you’ll connect with a groove instantly!

Mike Avenaim
Nick Adams
Greg Garman
Jeff Bowders
Henry McDaniel
David Myers
Gianluca Palmieri
Tyler Walton

Join us on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter too!

Let’s make some music together!


Watch The Real Drum Tracks Now Trailer!

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Jeff Bowders Records w/FullOnDrums (w/video)

Jeff Bowders Records w/FullOnDrums (w/video)

Rock drummer extraordinaire, Jeff Bowders, joined at Ultimate Rhythm Studios and put on a clinic of power precision and groove! Jeff has played with some very talented artists (Paul Gilbert, Puddle Of Mudd, Justin Derrico) and we were thrilled to have him in the studio.



“Jeff makes it easy to record drums. His precision is second to none and he’s powerful but still has finesse. Not too many drummers have that combo.” says engineer Charlie Waymire.

Check out for all the details of the session and check out the episode below. You won’t be disappointed!

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