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The Adventures of Annie & Ben

The Adventures of Annie & Ben

A new kids web series from Hooplakidz, “The Adventures of Annie & Ben“, is an instant hit. Just 10 days after release the first 3 episodes have garnered 200,000 views!

Written by Dennys McCoy & Pamela Hickey and Produced by Anu Javeri, “THE ADVENTURES OF ANNIE AND BEN” is a funny, happy, friendly show about three really great, loyal friends. They like adventure, travel, making new friends, and music. All four subjects meld together perfectly with our trio of globe-trotters.

The Voice Over cast is absolutely amazing. Annie is read by Anu Javeri, Ben is read by John Biondolillo, and Mango and most of the other characters are read by Gerard Marzilli


The Voices were recorded by Engineer Charlie Waymire at Ultimate Studios, Inc and YouTube studios.

If you have kids then these links are for you!

Adventures of Annie & Ben on Hooplakidz
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Adventures of Annie & Ben Trailer


Recording Voice Over for Hooplakidz the Adventures of Annie & Ben

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