KYNG Back @ URS Tracking Guitars

KYNG Back @ URS Tracking Guitars

Before heading out with Seether and then Megadeth KYNG was back in the studio finishing up some guitars on a new track.

“These guys are awesome. If we’re lucky they’re the future of rock music. Everyone needs to get out and see this band.” says engineer Charlie Waymire.

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KYNG – “Trampled Sun”

KYNG – “Trampled Sun”

Kyng Release “Trampled Sun”


Kyng - "Trampled Sun"

Kyng - "Trampled Sun"

Charlie mixed 3 songs (“I Don’t Believe”, “Pushing & Pulling” and “Between the Blame”) on Kyng’s “Trampled Sun” (RealiD Records) which hit stores late last year and has been tearing up the airwaves.

“This band is right up my alley” says Charlie. “Heavy, melodic and REAL! Eddie has some serious pipes and great melodic sensibilities that put him right up there with the greats. I’ve known Pepe for a while and always new he could punish a kit but what he and Tony are doing on this record is simply crushing! I’m honored to have been given the opportunity to work with these cats. Now go buy the record!”


Some Kyng links for your musical enjoyment!

Kyng’s Official Website
Kyng’s Facebook Page
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Here’s a taste of “I Don’t Believe”

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