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Mike Avenaim & Sun Rai Live @ Ultimate Studios, Inc!

Mike Avenaim & Sun Rai Live @ Ultimate Studios, Inc!

Real Drum Tracks Now recently had it’s launch party at Ultimate Studios, Inc. It was a fantastic night that featured some amazing musicians playing music.

“We had an absolute blast at the launch party. I’m honored to be working with so many great drummers. A few of the guys put bands together and performed for a fun and energetic crowd at the studio. Let me just say that these guys are all awesome!!!” says engineer and Real Drum Tracks Now CEO Charlie Waymire.

We’re still working through some of the video from the evening but we are happy to put out to the world a fantastic performance by Sun Rai and Mike Avenaim. Sun Rai is an amazing keyboard player and songwriter and Mike is one bad ass drummer. If you’ve never seen either perform then you’re going to LOVE this video. Sun Rai is playing moog bass, keys, and singing at the same time!!

Mike’s groove is simply amazing! He’s rock solid and knows how to get a killer sound out of the kit. Because of that skill Charlie was able to capture Mike live with only 5 microphones! Great drummers make recording easy and fun!

Real Drum Tracks Now is the premier service for getting amazing drum tracks. We have 8 amazing drummers on the roster, an amazing engineer (Charlie Waymire) that knows how to record drums, and a studio built for awesome drum tones, Ultimate Studios, Inc! Meet the entire Real Drum Tracks Now Drummer Roster!

For more information on Real Drum Tracks Now visit To hire Mike Avenaim for your next recording visit Mike’s Real Drum Tracks Now profile page and click the HIRE button!

Enjoy the music video!


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