mass delusion

PDP Releases “Mass Delusion”

100% Heavyocity

PDP - "Mass Delusion"

Los Angeles, CA’s soldiers of Power Groove Metal, P.D.P, have released their debut full length album “Mass Delusion”. This record is 100% pure Heavyocity!

The drums for “Mass Delusion” were tracked at Ultimate Rhythm Studio by drummer Ro Batres. “Ro was absolutely impressive!” says drummer/engineer Charlie Waymire. “This is some crazy heavy, complicated and physically demanding music and we had a very limited amount of time to record drums. Imagine someone saying you have to move a mountain by hand and you only have 3 days. Ro not only killed it but played with more intensity and volume than I’ve ever seen someone play that kind of music. If you like killer riffs and bad ass drums then “Mass Delusion” is for you!”

“Mass Delusion” is available on iTunes

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