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Good Vibrations Debuts On! (w/video)

Good Vibrations Debuts On! (w/video)

I am stoked to announce that “Good Vibrations”, a new column on, has officially launched! In each installment I’ll discuss how I work with drummers to get a great sound in the studio. “Good Vibrations” is designed to give you a quick look at how I go for a particular sound to fit a session or song. I’ll be working with different artists in each installment, including some familiar names in the industry.

There are plenty of articles all over the internet that talk just about the gear. I want to focus on “why” I choose to use something and how it relates to the other pieces in the setup and, more importantly, the song. Don’t get me wrong, gear is great and I a super gear nerd but at the end of the day the song is most important and that’s how I’m approaching this column. From the perspective of the song, not the recording gear.

The first episode of “Good Vibrations” features a great friend of mine and an awesome Drummer/Producer Mike Avenaim. We filmed this while working together on a new artist that he’s producing named T’Lark. I hope you enjoy!



Go to to watch the episode and see complete session notes.


Watch “Good Vibrations” EP1 below!


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Charlie Plays on New Ryan Higa Parody

Charlie Plays on New Ryan Higa Parody

YouTube sensation Ryan Higa has released another comedy hit titled “GTFO My Room” and commissioned Charlie to play on the track. The song is a parody of all things EMO, was co-written and produced by Andy Lange, and shot straight to the top of the iTunes Comedy chart.

During tracking the gang took some time to film an episode of FullOnDrums to document the drum recording process. Andy Lange (more video from Andy soon!) joins Charlie at Ultimate Rhythm Studios for filming of the episode and gives some details about the song. Enjoy!

Buy GTFO My Room on iTunes

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FullOnDrums Open House & Seminar!!!

FullOnDrums Open House & Seminar!!!

Ultimate Rhythm Studios will be sponsoring the first ever Open House Extravaganza by FullOnDrums! The event will be held on December 7, 2013 between 1pm-6pm at Ultimate Rhythm Studios.



Have questions about recording drums? Want to learn more about drum micing, tuning, head choices, and more?

Then come to the FullOnDrums Open House Extravaganza where you can hang out with the FOD crew and get your questions answered. Charlie, Scott, and Kurt will be on hand to talk about any part of the recording process.

The day will feature demonstrations (full schedule below) on how to record drums, tuning, anatomy of a drum, and much, much more.

Lucky attendees will have chances to win one of two microphones from Audio Technica and drumheads from Evans Drumheads!

Drummer extraordinaire Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper, Six A.M., Paul Gilbert) will give tips about recording and treat us all to a killer performance.


Please RSVP at if you plan on attending.


The goal is to create a community for drummers and recording enthusiasts to hang out and talk about the art of recording drums!


1pm – Come hang out and talk about everything drum recording. There will be plenty of gear setup to check out!
2pm – Minimal Micing Demonstraion featuring Audio-Technica Mics – approx. 30min
2:30pm – AT2020 Giveaway
3pm – Kurt Berger Tuning Clinic / Drumhead Giveaway featuring Evans Drumheads- approx. 30min
4pm – Kick Drum/Snare Drum micing demo – approx. 25min
5pm – Glen Sobel guest Clinic/Performance – approx. 30-40min
5:30pm – AT2020 Giveaway
6pm – Closing down the studio for the night.


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New Paiste Video Filmed At Ultimate Rhythm Studios! (w/video)

New Paiste Video Filmed At Ultimate Rhythm Studios! (w/video)

Paiste’s video for the new Signature Precision series features: John Robinson, Franklin Vanderbilt, Dean Butterworth, and Jason Sutter. Four of the worlds best drummers show off this impressive new line of cymbals from Paiste.

The video was shot and recorded at Ultimate Rhythm Studios and produced by Look for a details on the recording soon at!


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The Paiste Cymbals Crew Invades The Studio!

The Paiste Cymbals Crew Invades The Studio!

New Paiste Video Shot By The FullOnDrums Crew In The Works

Paiste Cymbals has a roster full of some of the best drummers in the world and this week 4 of them were tracking and shooting video for a new product line soon to be released.

The video features the legendary JR Robinson (Michael Jackson, Madonna, Chaka Khan), Dean Butterworth (Good Charlotte, Ben Harper), Jason Sutter (Marilyn Manson, Chris Cornell), and Franklin Vanderbilt (Lenny Kravitz, Chaka Khan).

Keep your eyes on for an official update in the next couple of weeks!

Charlie Waymire, Dean Butterworth, JR Robinson, Jason Sutter, Kelly Paiste, Franklin Vanderbilt and Scott Francisco

Charlie Waymire, Dean Butterworth, JR Robinson, Jason Sutter, Kelly Paiste, Franklin Vanderbilt and Scott Francisco

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Josh Freese At Ultimate Rhythm Studios!

Josh Freese At Ultimate Rhythm Studios!

A new project featuring members of the band Tomorrows Bad Seeds has been tracking drums at URS for their upcoming album. They’re using some pretty awesome drummers and last week was Josh Freese! Besides being a phenomenal drummer he’s one heck of a story teller!

Continue reading →

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Mike Avenaim Tracking Drums

Mike Avenaim Tracking Drums

Mike Avenaim was at Ultimate Rhythm Studios last week recording 11 tracks for Jordan Millar’s upcoming album. In 3 days not only were 11 tracks recorded but two entirely different kits were used, two entirely different sets of tom toms were used, 10 snare drums were used, two different mic setups were used as well as recording shakers, tambourine, hand claps and marching snares.


“Mike had a very specific idea of what he wanted his drums to sound like for each song. From an engineer’s standpoint that’s a lot of fun because we aren’t just trying to capture a drum sound. We’re capturing the sonic landscape that the rest of the album will be built around. Mike did a fantastic job!” says engineer Charlie Waymire.

Check out Jordan Millar and Mike Avenaim on Facebook and enjoy a few photos from the session below.

Mike Avenaim Tracking Day2

Engineer Charlie Waymire and Drummer Mike Avenaim

Mike and Charlie tracking snares

Mike's vintage Rodgers kit all miced up

Another shot of Mike's Rodgers kit.

Mike Avenaim tracking Jordan Millar's album day1

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A new installment of is now live. In this episode Charlie teams up with MXL Microphones, Gretsch Drums and Paiste Cymbals to bring you a truly unique sound.

What is

Full On is the one stop source for information for anyone interested in recording drums. Tips, tricks and techniques are presented via video, audio and text to allow the recording drummer and engineer to advance in all aspects of his or her craft. Each weekly episode offers tips, tricks and techniques as well as insights from a wide range of professional engineers and drummers and will be accompanied by full-bandwidth, multi-track audio downloads. Weekly episodes are accompanied by additional videos, articles, interviews, news and reviews from around the drumosphere. Any style from beginners to pros, you’ll find it here at!

Visit for more episodes, articles, news and more.
Visit the FullOnDrums YouTube Channel
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Visit FullOnDrums Twitter page ep4 – MXL Microphones & Gretsch Drums

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Paiste Day LA 2011 Concert Mixed @ URS

Performances by Aquiles Priester & Eloy Casagrande

Paiste Day 2011

In January Paiste Cymbals held their first “Paiste Day LA” event at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA. This was an all day extravaganza featuring amazing performances by two amazing Brazilian drummers; Aquiles Priester & Eloy Casagrande.

The video footage from the Concert Hall at Musicians Institute looks amazing and Paiste Cymbals commissioned Charlie’s (also a Paiste Artist) services to mix the audio and prepare the videos for web deployment.

The blazing performances by Aquiles and Eloy were deeply musical. Drawing from their Brazilian heritage, these guys bring new meaning to modern drum set performance. The musical application of sound colors they roll with is at the same time frightening, and inspiring. To have these magnificent virtuoso performers in our Family of Paiste Artists, is truly spectacular. Thank you guys for a night that we will always remember.

Here is the first video installment of our recent PAISTE DAY L.A. event held at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California.

Read Paiste News Release
View full HD video on Paiste’s YouTube Channel

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