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Mike Avenaim Tracking Drums

Mike Avenaim Tracking Drums

Mike Avenaim was at Ultimate Rhythm Studios last week recording 11 tracks for Jordan Millar’s upcoming album. In 3 days not only were 11 tracks recorded but two entirely different kits were used, two entirely different sets of tom toms were used, 10 snare drums were used, two different mic setups were used as well as recording shakers, tambourine, hand claps and marching snares.


“Mike had a very specific idea of what he wanted his drums to sound like for each song. From an engineer’s standpoint that’s a lot of fun because we aren’t just trying to capture a drum sound. We’re capturing the sonic landscape that the rest of the album will be built around. Mike did a fantastic job!” says engineer Charlie Waymire.

Check out Jordan Millar and Mike Avenaim on Facebook and enjoy a few photos from the session below.

Mike Avenaim Tracking Day2

Engineer Charlie Waymire and Drummer Mike Avenaim

Mike and Charlie tracking snares

Mike's vintage Rodgers kit all miced up

Another shot of Mike's Rodgers kit.

Mike Avenaim tracking Jordan Millar's album day1

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