recording drums with a guitar amp

Drum Room Miking Techniques

Drum Room Miking Techniques

Drum Room Miking Techniques: Using A Guitar Amp

Recording in a room that doesn’t allow for room mics? I have something for you to try!

Getting a drum room sound can be challenging without a good sounding room. Especially if your recording at home or in a rehearsal space or another space not designed for getting good acoustic drum sounds.

I like to find ways to not only get space from my room sounds but also a VIBE! You know, a sound that adds some cool sauce to your tracks and also puts a unique stamp on them.

Recording drums with a guitar ampOne of the things I’ve done lately is run a microphone in front of the kit, in this case and SM57, into a guitar amp in my ISO booth and miking the amp. At that point you can do all sorts of fun stuff with mic placement, amp settings, distortions, EQ, mic types, etc..

When the sounds are used in moderation this technique can add a space around your kit without sounding too roomy but if used heavily it can really add some cool color to your tone. For this video I chose to use my Marshall JCM2000 but you can try this with any amp. My cheap little Fender 212 sounded pretty cool!

If you’re really interested in experimenting try putting some different guitar pedals in front of the amp. This is also a good way to bond with your guitar player! 🙂

Give it a shot and leave a comment how it worked for you and what amp(s) you tried!

Happy recording



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