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Microphone Monday EP2 – Heil PR30

Microphone Monday EP2 – Heil PR30

For episode 2 of the new Microphone Monday series I decided to make 180? turn and pick one of my favorite dynamic mics. The Heil PR30.

Recording Piano Los AngelesIf you have followed my videos you already know that I love the PR30. It’s quite possibly my favorite tom mic ever and also gets used on guitar cabinets a lot. The nice round low mid, tight low end and forward mid-range make it easy to work with in a mix.

Plus it has fantastic off-axis rejection. That comes in real handy when you are miking a tom and there are cymbals in close proximity.

Besides toms and guitar cabs I’ve had great luck with the Heil PR30 on overheads (especially in a live situation), hi-hat and bass cab. Wait till you hear the bass in this video! It’s tight and punchy.

Recording bass at Ultimate Studios Inc recording studio los angeles
Recording bass with the Heil PR30

Another place I’ve had great luck with the PR30 is vocals. The smooth but pronounced mid-range make it a no brainier on a vocal. Heil Sound also make a handheld version called the PR35.

Without further ado let’s get to Microphone Monday EP2!

Happy recording!

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New!! Microphone Monday EP1: AT4047

New!! Microphone Monday EP1: AT4047

recording bass with 1 microphone
Audio-Technica AT4047 recording bass

I’m really excited about this new series on the Ultimate Studios, Inc YouTube channel. It’s called “Microphone Monday”. Ernesto and I will record a short little ditty using only 1 microphone at a time. We tracked drums (using only 2 mics!), bass, guitar and piano.

Every Monday for the next 6 weeks we’ll feature a different mic from the mic locker at Ultimate Studios.

This is something I’ve wanted to do for quite sometime now and we are finally doing it.

Why have I wanted to do this?

recording electric guitar with 1 microphone
Audio-Technica AT4047 recording guitar

First off I love the challenge of recording something with only a few tools. It puts more emphasis on the player and makes the engineer focus on the best mic placement possible.

Second, I was really interested in hearing how each mic would contribute to the overall sound when being used on ALL of the instruments.

And thirdly, to hear each mic on every instrument at the same time was also a great reset for the ears. Like many engineers working on a daily basis we tend to fall into patterns that we know work. Using one mic on all of these sound sources and then another and another was a great way to really hear the difference in how they capture a source.

This really helps in knowing what tools to use for a particular color or vibe. After all microphones are basically paintbrushes for an engineer.

The approach

recording piano at ultimate studios inc los angeles with 2 microphone
Audio-Technica AT4047 recording piano

We setup each mic in pretty much the same position for each take. There are a few differences but the setups are very similar. There are multiple ways we could have approached each mic but we felt it was best to setup them up as close as possible. It seems to have worked well and makes it possible to get an idea of how each mic works.

To kick off the new series I chose the Audio-Technica AT4047. It’s a fantastic microphone and one of my favorites. Check out the video below and please subscribe to the YouTube channel!

Happy Recording,

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