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Tracking the Band Live w/Argus Roh

Tracking the Band Live w/Argus Roh

The live room setup for Argus Roh

Tracking musicians together, live, in the studio is absolutely one of my favorite things in the world. The energy between players is contagious and it’s so rewarding to hear the music come out of the speakers with a finished quality to it (well almost finished anyway!).

We decided to record Argus Roh‘s debut EP live. Except for the vocals we tracked drums, bass and guitars all together and it really came out well.

Alexis and Jason tracking together

I have the studio setup so drums can be in the main room, utilizing all the available space, and guitars can be in 2 separate ISO booths.

This allows the band to play together but still have complete separation between the instruments.

Because of this we were still able to do punches for any instrument if needed (we only did this once actually!).

The band featuring Sam Escobar (vocals), Alexis Argueta (drums), Rob Duarte (guitar, Jason Campos (bass) and Tony Atilano (guitar) did a fantastic job.

Most metal music nowadays is recorded in pieces so the band playing together added another level of excitement.

I’ll let the video show you the rest! Please be sure to subscribe to the Ultimate Studios, Inc Youtube Channel!

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