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Recording Overheads PT2: Different Mic Types

Recording Overheads PT2: Different Mic Types

In PT1 of Recording Overheads I talked about using a single, mono, mic to record a great overhead sound. In PT2 I want to demonstrate how you can use different mic types to capture just the sound your music needs.

I picked 3 mics; a large diaphragm condenser (AT4047), small diaphragm condenser (AKG451b), and a ribbon mic (AT4080). Each of these mics have unique characteristics and can be used to manipulate your drum sound to fit your music. Although there are many different mics to be purchased to record drums I highly recommend having a couple options for overhead choices.

Changing the overhead mics can have the single biggest impact on your drum sound.

Sure kick mics will make a difference, snare mics to a lesser degree, and even room mics can have a big effect. None of them come close to capturing as much pure, overall, tone as the overheads. Kick and snare are spot mics and the rooms are effected by, well, the room.

I’m not trying to say the other mics on the kit aren’t important because they are. All I’m saying is that you can completely alter your entire drum sound with different overhead mics and it’s worth having a couple options.

The point of this video is to give you an idea of what 3 common mics types sound like on overheads.

What mics are you using for overheads?

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FullOnDrums.com Tackles Your Room Sound!

FullOnDrums.com Tackles Your Room Sound!

Get Big Rooms Sounds In A Not So Big Room!

Room mics can really add a great depth to your drum tracks…if they’re recorded correctly. Unfortunately most of us don’t have a million dollar room. Never fear FullOnDrums.com is here! To help you get great room tones that is.

In this two part series Charlie & Scott show you how to get a lot more size out of your not so big room. From different micing techniques to mix tricks all you’ll need get great room tones are in these two episodes. Try these techniques out and let us know how they’ve helped your drum recordings!

For more specific information visit the FullOnDrums.com website or click on the links below.

Episode 12 – Room Mics pt1
Episode 13 – Room Mics pt2

Room Mics Part 1:

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