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Stereo Room Micing Techniques: Mid/Side

Stereo Room Micing Techniques: Mid/Side



We’ve been on a room micing kick lately and I want to finish it off with one of my favorite configurations.

The Mid/Side configuration!

Mid/Side is extremely versatile. First off the “mid” mic is actually a great mono room mic. If all else fails you’ll end up with a nice sounding mono room mic.

But for those of us that want some control over the width of our rooms Mid/Side does it the best. By simply adding more or less of the center (mid) channel you can make your room sound very centered (mono) or wide.

Ok enough of me talking. The best way to show you this great technique is to do a demonstration. I promise it will make more sense.

This configuration works in rooms small and large. Give it a shot and let me know how it works for your!

Happy recording,

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Compressing Your Room Mics

Compressing Your Room Mics



Compression has a lot of uses but arguably none more fun than drum room mics. Adding subtle compression to your room mics can add just a touch of excitement while adding tons of compression can completely take your overall drum sound to the next level.

In this excerpt from the stereo room Live Broadcast Seminar a few weeks ago I want to demonstrate just how compression can effect your overall drum sound. I’m doing it with hardware but you can do it with a plugin in your DAW too.

The big thing to remember is there is no one way to do this. You’ll need to experiment but above all LISTEN TO YOUR MUSIC and do what it requires. Using compression is a ton of fun but it is easy to overdue it.

Happy recording!


Watch part 1 of this series: Recording Rooms with the Blumlein Configuration

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Simple Room Micing Trick

Simple Room Micing Trick



There is simply no better way to add depth, space, and sometimes excitement to your drum sounds than using room mics. Can you say Led Zeppelin?

However, I realize that not everyone has the space to really explore all the cool room mic possibilities. Yes, you could use reverb to simulate a room sound and it would work nicely, but…..

There is nothing cooler, and more realistic, than the feeling of an actual mic capturing the drummers performance in the room.

Today I want to show you a cool room mic trick that can work in ANY size room. Small or large.

On a recent Live Streaming Seminar I pulled out an old trick I used to do in my first studio that was considerably smaller than my studio now. Actually it was smaller than my current control room!

Best of all this trick used only 1 microphone so all you need is a single condenser (you could try a dynamic mic too).

So watch the video and then go grab a mic and experiment!

Happy recording!


p.s. I’ll be doing a part 2 with concept soon!


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New Episode Of FullOnDrums – The Big Room! (w/video)

New Episode Of FullOnDrums – The Big Room! (w/video)

In episode 24 of FullOnDrums, Rooms pt2 The BIG Room, Charlie discusses several different ways to get room sounds in the large room at Ultimate Rhythm Studios using spaced pairs.

Check out the details of ep24 The BIG Room on the blog!


Download the full-bandwidth, multi-track audio files at:


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Get Big Rooms Sounds In A Not So Big Room!

Room mics can really add a great depth to your drum tracks…if they’re recorded correctly. Unfortunately most of us don’t have a million dollar room. Never fear is here! To help you get great room tones that is.

In this two part series Charlie & Scott show you how to get a lot more size out of your not so big room. From different micing techniques to mix tricks all you’ll need get great room tones are in these two episodes. Try these techniques out and let us know how they’ve helped your drum recordings!

For more specific information visit the website or click on the links below.

Episode 12 – Room Mics pt1
Episode 13 – Room Mics pt2

Room Mics Part 1:

Room Mics Part 2:

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