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EGH Releases “Not Again!?”

EGH Releases “Not Again!?”

Not Again!?” is an instrumental magic carpet ride! From the funk grooves of “JB’s Broken Leg” and “Funky Strut” to the progressive rockers “T3” and “Explorer”, “Not Again!?” demands more than one listen!

Not Again!?” was recorded, mixed and mastered at Ultimate Rhythm Studio by Charlie Waymire and Ernesto Homeyer.


Besides the main three amigos “Not Again!?” has a slew of special guests.

Ernesto Homeyer – Guitar
Charlie Waymire – Drums
Justin Apergis – Bass

w/special guests:
Leslie Jones – Sax
Lao Tizer – Keys
Charles Sydnor – Accordion
Menno Verbaten – Bass (Kinda Spanish)

Enjoy a video of “Frettin’ Freddy” off of Not Again!?.

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