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Recording Overheads PT3: X/Y

Recording Overheads PT3: X/Y

Up to this point we’ve talked a lot about recording with a mono overhead. In PT3 I want to step into the early 1930’s with a stereo pair of overheads! (here’s a cool link about Alan Blumlein. The man that invented stereo)

I’m starting out with a very popular coincident micing technique called X/Y.

X/Y consists of two, preferably matching, cardioid microphones at a 90° angle with the elements as close together as possible. This doesn’t produce a very wide stereo image but it is accurate, phase coherent, and collapses to mono well. It’s also easy to setup. In most cases you can mount the two microphones on a single stand using stereo bar.

I have a kick and snare mic on the kit as well so you can here how this setup works in context with other microphones.

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