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NEW! The Music Chamber Podcast!

NEW! The Music Chamber Podcast!

The Music Chamber is an amazing live concert series that is broadcast live to the world from Ultimate Studios, Inc. Featuring some of the best artists in Los Angeles, The Music Chamber is a platform for artist to showcase their immense talents to the world with live, and on-demand, video.

Now Dan & Charlie have taken this one step further with a brand new Music Chamber Live weekly Podcast!

Every Thursday night at 10pm (pacific time) Dan & Charlie will be joined by guest at Ultimate Studios, Inc for candid conversations about the music business, surviving as a musician, building content, networking, branding, and much more.

The Podcast will be broadcast live on The Music Chamber’s Facebook page and put up on The Music Chamber’s Soundcloud Page for later listening. iTunes link and subscription coming soon!


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TMC Podcast EP2 w/guests Dankrupt

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New In Studio Performance: Bleeding Harp!

New In Studio Performance: Bleeding Harp!

The Music Chamber has been a HUGE success! We’ve been fortunate to have some amazing musicians performing to a fantastic live audience in the studio as well as a huge online streaming audience. It’s been electric in the studio for these performances.

At the last Music Chamber concert the audience was electrified by Bleeding Harp’s performance. They were simply on fire!! Now we have video out for everyone to enjoy!

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