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Artist Spotlight: Our Dying World Releases Debut EP “Expedition”

Artist Spotlight: Our Dying World Releases Debut EP “Expedition”

Los Angeles Thrash Metal band Our Dying World release their debut EP “Expedition”

Los Angeles Thrash Metal band Our Dying World

The last 9 months working with Thrash Metal band Our Dying World on their release EP has been a wonderful journey that has had about every twist and turn you could imagine while making a record. Some were typical to the actual recording process and some were a part of the personal journey that one finds themself in when baring their soul to the world.

I believe this is something each and every artists goes through when creating and ultimately releasing their music to the world. Yet no matter how hard the struggle seems to be music has a magical way of pulling one through the worst of times. The making of “Expedition” was basically 3 acts that became one in the end.

It started with excitement and hope as Tom began recording the first songs. The middle of the process was more of a roller coaster paralleled with self-doubt and uncertainty but in the final act it all came together. Tom got to see his vision come to life for the first time and he was joined by the perfect band members for the project.

For my end of things I had the pleasure of working with some great people and helping produce one amazing Thrash Metal EP (of course I may be a bit biased). Curious for Tom’s take on what the past months have meant for him I sent him a few questions to answer.

Enjoy a short interview with Tom Tierney and please be sure to check out Our Dying World’s debut EP “Expedition”.


Where to find “Expedition” by Our Dying World:

Interview with Our Dying World’s Tom Tierney

What was the catalyst for starting our dying world?
Los Angeles Thrash Metal band recording guitars at Ultimate Studios, IncI remember exactly what it was. I had made a really severe choice that severed ties between me and my previous studio and band. I think to a certain degree it was blown up to include people that had no business being involved, but I had to own one of the biggest mistakes in my life. 

Music was really all I knew and at this point the only way to get past it was to write. Dirk Verbeuren, who’s been coaching me in drums and life said to me, “Your success doesn’t lie within the confines of those walls. You can make the decision to keep moving.” 

Shortly after making the decision to start writing and playing a show with a band I had done some touring with, I was fired for “not bringing in enough press”. Probably one of the most infuriating things I’ve ever heard in my life but they have a track record for going through drummers like congress goes through legislation. 

I decided I was done waiting on the world to give me a chance and I was giving it one more full blown shot before I hung up my guitar forever. And I think I had to be in that mindset of “Do or Die” before I could truly access what I needed to make the record come together how it did. 

What has writing, recording, and releasing Expedition mean for me on a personal and professional level?

recording drums with Our Dying World at Ultimate Studios, inc los angelesGrowing up, I always thought I was meant for the stage in one way or another. As I got older and reality set in as it tends to do in later years, I began to doubt whether or not I was actually cut out for it. 

I had never run a band or made business decisions, I’d never even written a song. I just kind of learned the parts from other people’s music and played my parts. 

After multiple upsets with previous projects and band members who’s egos, insecurities, and inability to share power with the other band members caused me to basically flounder in limbo with music for about six years, I decided to give it one last try to put in everything I had, and if it didn’t work out, then at least I’d know I was the problem and I should try something different with my life. 

I haven’t been on a recording since 2011 so having a new recording where I was not only playing drums, but writing all the music and playing most of the instruments with exceptions to singing and playing solos, showed me a few things:

1) When I had the right mindset, resources, drive, and unwillingness to put up with anyone’s bullshit, I can actually write half a decent song that people ENJOY

2) I found a creative and successful way to channel my negativity into something that truly can be captured on a track and it shows

3) I am perfectly capable of making decisions as a leader and a part of a team. I’m also willing to listen and make compromises when my opinion may not be the popular one. 

4) I don’t have to settle. I turned down a few people for the lineup because the vibe wasn’t right. And I always knew almost instantly, or they would back out on their own. I knew we could be a unit when we all spent a day just hanging out together and chilling without the distractions of the setlist and the noise. 

recording guitar with thrash metal band Our Dying World at Ultimate Studios, Inc van nuys5) And personally, I finally was able to complete a huge goal that I set out on an Expedition to find. I’m not sure if I found myself, a new family, or a little bit of both. But I know for a damn fact that if I hadn’t picked up that guitar and just went for it that I wouldn’t be sitting here listening to Liberation with a smile on my face. 

Expedition was entering the race. I think I’m qualified to run it, as is everyone on the team, whether you’re recording, playing, marketing, or whatever your role is. The point is we’re finally getting started. It’s been the longest wait of my life and I’m glad I made it to the starting line. Now the race begins. 




What was your process for writing and recording Expedition?

I’ll be quite honest with you, the process was really rough. There was a ton of alcohol involved, mostly depressing nights of just kind of wallowing in anger and resentment. But the material and lyrics felt real and they felt like they would hit hard. 

2018 overall was a really shitty year and I chose to put my faith in the wrong people most of the time, and I would wind up getting hurt for not keeping my cards close enough to the chest. But every time, I’d grab a new riff, a new verse of lyrics, and it was almost a paradox of feeling so connected to what I was writing and creating, it was almost like I would subconsciously put myself into blackouts or some emotional shit so I could keep the train of thought going. 

Expedition is in no way a happy or very well thought out record. It’s got some of my lowest points in it and without divulging too much information, it’s been a savior to be able to outlet all of this into tangible music. Not sure what would have happened if I didn’t deal with this process the way I did. 

At times I know it was a struggle getting through the writing and recording process. What was the main thing that kept you going?

It’s really hard to say. I think it was a lot of hatred to be completely transparent. I wanted to show the world that I may be totally fucked in the head, but I can make gold out of it and you’re gonna fucking hear it whether you like it or not. 

And then you’re gonna find yourself enjoying it. There was definitely a few times I was just thinking about scrapping it. Doing all this by myself was a new experience and I had literally no idea what I was doing.

But there was always progress. That was how I think I knew I was onto something. From picking the right members, to tracking songs, to writing lyrics, there was always something new I could show them. I think that if there had been too many hang ups or too many setbacks I would have become discouraged and tossed in the towel. 

But we were always moving. No matter what. Even in the setbacks, it seems to have taken a different course than my personal life. Things moved smoothly, almost like clockwork. I was definitely skeptical at first but in the end that smoothness is what told me that it was the right thing to do.

How would you describe ODW?

Tom Tierney, Dave Ainsworth of Thrash Metal band Our Dying World with producer Charlie Waymire at Ultimate Studios, IncOh man this is gonna be a tough one. ODW is a concept that I took from the pit of my heart and found a way to friendship, a new love for my own talents and of course everyone else in the band, and a sense of fulfillment that I didn’t know if I would ever find. 

We’re derived of a bunch of nerds, teachers, jokers, and we have a cowboy for a vocalist. What can I say? I’m not entirely sure how such a blissful thing came from such a dark place. But I know for a fact that I looked at everyone just hanging out and drinking their beers and eating chips on a boat the other day and thinking “I hope this lineup never changes”. 

I know there’s gonna be issues and setbacks and whatnot, but it feels legit this time. And I hope I see these same dudes after the show every god damn time we play. Cuz it feels real now and there’s momentum. And it’s enlightening and terrifying. But with that fear, that’s how you know it really means a lot, ya know?

What’s in the near future for the band?

So we’ve got a show on April 28 at Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood and then in June we’re flying across the country to play NJ Metalfest, which is gonna be absolutely legendary. 

Between all that, I think we wanna shoot a video and we’ve already started writing again. I think we’re shooting for a new single before the summer is over. The process never stops. Other than that, man we just want to see how far out into the world this record goes. We’ve really been excited about the press we’ve received from random internet magazines and radio stations. 

I think at this point we just have to keep putting our all into it. Especially now that the writing process is open to everyone. I’ll still have my hand in the pot but I’ve got a full band that I’m standing with now and I know everything that comes to the light will be far better than anything I could do myself. 

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Our Dying World New Single Release!

Our Dying World New Single Release!

Los Angeles Metal Band Our Dying World New Single Release – “Post Mortem”

Los Angeles Metal Band Our Dying World Recording Studio Los Angeles

Los Angeles thrash masters Our Dying World have released their debut single “Post Mortem”.

With aggressive guitar riffs, thunderous drums and vocals that will make you scream at the top of your lungs “Post Mortem” pays homage to old school thrash and metal while being distinctively modern.

If you’re a fan old great metal and thrash then you will definitely want to check out Our Dying World.

Led by drummer, and main songwriter, Tom Tierney this quartet from Los Angeles is gearing up for a big 2019. The new single release of “Post Mortem” is just the beginning.


The band features:
Tom Tierney: Drums & Guitar
David Ainsworth: Vocals
Chris Buzea: Lead Guitar
Nick Loxx: Bass

“Post Mortem” is available at and on all of the major digital and streaming platforms.

Check out the lyric video for “Post Mortem”.


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