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Marty O’Reilly Live in Studio! (w/Video)

Marty O’Reilly Live in Studio! (w/Video)

I love working with bands live in the studio. It’s such a wonderful way to record. It’s not always easy when you have drums, amps, and vocals in the same room playing at the same time but I love the challenge. When it works it’s just fantastic! Recently I got to work with Marty O’Reilly and the Old Soul Orchestra. They were on tour and had a day off after their show in LA. Derek from PMI Audio had worked with them before and wanted to get them in the studio to track through the Trident 88 console and shoot some video.

Our goal was to capture true live performances of Marty and his band with no overdubs whatsoever. Marty has such a cool vibe and the band really felt comfortable playing together in the room with no monitoring or headphones. Very, very organic.

For this session bleed had to be my friend because everything was bleeding into everything! Because of that I wasn’t too worried about getting a lot of separation and decided to use as few mics as possible. The drums have 4 mics, guitar has 1 mic, vocals, 1 mic, the upright actually had 3 mics but I only ended up using 2. I had 2 room mics, one in the middle of the group about 2 feet off the ground set to omni, and a spaced pair of condensers facing the wall behind the band. Getting the mic placement correct was imperative since I wouldn’t have a ton of control after the fact.

Everything was recording through the Trident 88. See below for a complete list of mics used.

Enjoy the music!



Kick: Audio-Technica AT4047
Snare: Audio-Technica Pro63
Overheads: Studio Projects C4s
Guitar Amp: Cascade Fathead II
Bass Amp: Audio-Technica AT4047
Clipped to Bridge: Audio-Technica ATM350
Mounted on bass: Troll Ribbon Mic
Room 1: Audio-Tecnica AT4047MP set to Omni
Stereo Rooms: Audio-Technica AT4050

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Enjoy some photos!

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Ultimate Studios, Inc Installs new Trident 88 Console!

Ultimate Studios, Inc Installs new Trident 88 Console!

The control room at Ultimate Studios, Inc received a major upgrade last week with the addition of the new Trident 88 recording console from PMI Audio. The Trident 88 is a new console that pays homage to the classic Trident sound and quality while adding new features to fit the modern workflow.



“I am absolutely loving the Trident 88! It sounds great, feels great, and is fun to work on. The folks at PMI Audio and Trident really did a great job of bridging the classic console with features that make it easy to integrate into modern studio setups.

I like the feel of working on a console. Having the ability to turn knobs and push a fader up or down, getting an immediate connection with the music is extremely important to me. I don’t get that from a mouse. Don’t get me wrong, I use the tools that are in my DAW too. However, the Trident 88 has allowed me to use them a lot less as this board sounds amazing and is very intuitive. Bottom line is this console is a beast, a sonic beast.

A HUGE thanks to everyone at PMI Audio. You guys are awesome!” says engineer Charlie Waymire.


You can learn more about the Trident 88 at: We’ll have video very, very soon! In the meantime check out some photos of the new Trident 88 at Ultimate Studios, Inc!

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