wiring a recording console

Wiring A Recording Studio: Connecting the Console to the Computer

Wiring A Recording Studio: Connecting the Console to the Computer

I get a lot of questions about how I get sound from the console to the computer. And while every console/mixer is a bit different it’s really a pretty simple setup that I’ll explain in this video (with some cool animations too!)

I will also answer a common question I get from some of you about using budget mixers not necessarily meant for recording. Some don’t have the necessary outputs to do a full multi-tracked session so what can you do? We’ll discuss that in this video too!

Studio wiring doesn’t have to be super complicated at first. As you start adding more outboard gear it can get messy but with a basic understanding of what you’re doing and a little planning it’s possible to get a smooth setup that makes all of your sessions run smooth.

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