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EGH Release 3rd Studio Album “High Octane”

EGH Release 3rd Studio Album “High Octane”

Instrumental Rock Band EGH Release New Studio Album “High Octane”

Instrumental Rock Band EGH records new album at Ultimate Studios, Inc Los Angeles

It’s been almost 7 years since the instrumental rock duo called EGH released it’s last album. Comprised of drummer Charlie Waymire and and guitarist Ernesto Homeyer, “High Octane” marks the bands 3rd official release.

High Octane is a departure from EGH’s first two albums. The songs on High Ocatne are tight, guitar riff driven tracks with thunderous drums, catchy melodies and rippin’ solos.

Ernesto Homeyer doesn’t waste any time dropping killer guitar riffs in your ears and then…..well then come the raging solos! Drummer Charlie Waymire holds down the fort with driving, aggressive grooves.

This is for any fan of hard rock instrumental music. Or anyone needing to speed on their way to work (it happens to all of us some times!), High Ocatne has the riffs of Ozzy and Iron Maiden with solos of Joe Satriani and Yngwie Malmsteen.

Buckle up! High Octane is better at getting you moving than your morning pot of java!

Mixed by Charlie Waymire & Ernesto Homeyer

Mastered by Ernesto Homeyer

“On this album we wanted to do something more energetic with much simpler arrangements. It was more about having a lot of fun writing songs that get you pumped up instead of something you need a math degree to listen to. All of these tracks are much shorter and get to the point fast! We were just having a ton of fun writing and recording these songs.” says drummer/engineer Charlie Waymire

You can find “High Octane” at iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, CD Baby, Bandcamp, and more….

Check out the official Video for “High Octane”


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