The Music Chamber Live


“The Music Chamber” concert series features in-studio performances by some of the best artists in Los Angeles with a live studio audience as well as streaming live to the world!


The Music Chamber returns:
December 8 at 8:00pm.

For our Toys For Tots Benefit!
Little Empire – Cage 9 – Robbery Inc.





The Music Chamber Toys For Tots Benefit at Ultimate Studios, Inc Little Empire, Cage 9, Robbery Inc

Ultimate Studios, Inc is now hosting a series of live music performances presented in a studio setting, similar to VH1 Storytellers.

The goal is to give music artists a chance to perform in a personal setting meant specifically for music and to give audiences a chance to see musicians in a way they’ve never seen them before…live in a recording studio.

Ultimate Studios has the ability to record, video and live stream these performances, which gives the artists a channel to an audience beyond the people in the room on the day of the show.

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We love bringing amazing music to you. We live to help give musicians a platform to showcase their music to the world.

As you can imagine, running a show like The Music Chamber is an immense amount of work – not only for the artists that perform but for our entire crew as well. Above all else, we want to keep the show FREE for you, the audience. We need your help to keep the show running in its current form and to continuously improve the experience for audience members near and far. Even the smallest donations help us cover the costs of The Music Chamber and in return for your generous help, we will continue to bring you great artists and amazing music!

Thank you from all of us at The Music Chamber!



Enjoy some videos from The Music Chamber!