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What are they saying? Artist Testimonials

We love working with all our artists. It’s a pleasure helping each and everyone reach their musical goals. We also appreciate it when they take the time to leave us a quick story about their experience at Ultimate Studios, inc. Please take a moment to read our Artist Testimonials!

Alexx Calise – Batfarm

Alexx Calise and Charlie Waymire at Los Angeles Recording Studio Ultimate Studios IncCharlie is one of the most talented and hard working producer/engineers I’ve ever worked with. Not only is he highly skilled and adept at his craft, but he truly cares about making the music sound as best it can possibly be. Charlie goes way above and beyond the call of duty, and has helped my band out in so many areas beyond the recording we recently did with him.

I’ve never had someone care as much as Charlie does, and that is a rarity in this business. If you’re looking for a very reasonably priced studio, and want a fantastic sounding single/EP/album, look no further than Ultimate Studios. You’d be hard pressed to find a place as professional and caring as this.

Check out Batfarm at Batfarmband.com

Grant Bogorad – Dankrupt

Grand Bogorad - DankruptEasily the best drum sounds in Los Angeles! I have recorded countless records with Charlie and it’s always a great experience. Having great gear is only one part of the battle, but Charlie is a master of his craft and always brings a very positive/proactive energy in the studio. I recommend anyone looking to track drums or the full band to call Charlie at Ultimate Studios!!

Here music by Dankrupt at DankruptMusic.com.

Max Pfisterer – Producer

Music Production Services Los Angeles Max Pfisterer

Max Pfisterer – Producer

I want to talk a little about my experience at Ultimate Studios. I have been to so many different recording studios and Ultimate Studios with Charlie Waymire is high on top of that list. Everything about it is great. He has great reliable equipment, incredible microphone selection, Charlie is an expert at both logic and pro tools recording software. He’s a real professional.

The studio is most popular for drum sounds but I recorded drums, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, fiddle, mandolin, vocals, banjo, percussion and Charlie knew the best way ways to handle every crazy instrument that I brought in. He makes all of the musicians feel comfortable with the atmosphere that he has created. He’s always on time, always working hard and wastes no time.

His prices are extremely fair and if he asked for more I would never argue that. I can’t wait to be back with another project. You walk out of the studio at the end of the day feeling more like friends rather than just him being your engineer. Ultimate Studios and Charlie have my full approval and I would send anybody there feeling totally comfortable that they would have the same experience that I did.

Debbie Hennessey – Singer-Songwriter

Singer-Songwriter Debbie Hennessey

“We’ve recorded here, mixed here, did video of our live cd release show here… You can do anything and everything here. Charlie and his staff are top notch. One of my favorite places to work!”

Here Debbie’s music at DebbeHennessey.com.

Lee Piatelli – Drummer

Lee Piatelli drum recording, music video and music mixing at Ultimate Studios, Inc Los Angeles“I’ve recorded at Ultimate Studios Inc with Charlie on numerous occasions. He is truly one of the best in the business in every aspect from using the right gear to being able to adapt and capture exactly what your looking for. I couldn’t be happier recommending him and his amazing studio and staff!”

Learn more about Lee at LeeGrooves.com.

Sandesh Nagaraj – Songwriter/Composer

“Charlie is full of inspiration and life and his personality completely reflects on his work! I can’t wait to hear what he’ll bring to the table as a mixing/drum engineer in the future!”

Learn more about Sandesh and his band at Syreim.com.

Tim Pedersen – Drummer

Tim Pedersen drum recording studio north hollywood“Having such a great time playing drums and mixing Tita Hutchison”s new EP. I’m working with Charlie Waymire on this project (at Ultimate Studios, Inc) and it’s been a dream. Charlie is a very talented engineer and producer. I’ve never worked with anyone before this that can get exactly the sounds you ask for. Somehow I can say, “can you make it more orange” and up comes the sound I’m looking for. If you need a studio or an engineer/producer you can’t go wrong with Charlie Waymire and Ultimate Studios, Inc.”

Anthony "Nino" Salazar – Drummer

full band recording los angeles statues of cats“Ultimate Studios, Inc was one of the best recording experiences I’ve ever had. The first time I walked in and was greeted by Charlie, in seconds the place felt like home. The studio is laid out with very modern taste, but it?s not like your typical studio you see in magazines, there is so much charm, life and character to it that makes it a breeding ground for creativity. Charlie and his crew really took the time to make the environment intimate and spacious, all at the same time. Whether you?re tracking in the massive live room or behind the glass in the control room, everyone can see each other and be involved in tracking.

Statues of Cats Record EP

My band Statues of Cats recorded our debut EP “Memorabilia” at Ultimate Studios, Inc, and we wanted something very specific for our record. We wanted a “Live” album, without a metronome, like how all the classic rock bands used to make. Charlie was on it! He had everything we wanted and more, even showed us some microphones and techniques that made the record far better than we imagined. We spent a whole weekend working on our EP and the time flew by so fast. We had so much fun and felt right at home working with Charlie. The best part was the Charlie really took the time to get the tones dialed in, not just for the instruments, but for the songs.

We spent a whole day trying to get the best set up for all of us to start tracking and we ended with some incredible sounds that gave us a EP that we are so very proud of. My band and I even got featured on a episode of Full On Drums during the making of our EP, which is filmed at Ultimate Rhythm Studios. You can see the way we got to mic everything and play together in the same room There?s a lot passion and care that goes into making a great record and Charlie and the crew at Ultimate Studios, Inc, hold that expectation in the highest regard.

Also, on a personal note, MY DRUMS HAVE NEVER SOUNDED SO GOOD!! We mic?d my kit like crazy and got everything tuned up and locked down. Come mix down, we barely did anything to my drums, that was insane. A true, organic tone that shows through my bands songs. It was like hearing a kit from the 70s?, but it was still modern and punchy, I was completely blown away. Again, we had so much fun getting tones and there was so much genuine excitement about the tracking process. Having fit my drums, tons of mics and my band in the same room to track, with the tones we got… I mean, thats an experience that will be hard to beat.
Thank you Charlie Waymire at Ultimate Studios, Inc!! I will see you on the next project.”

Kurtis Berger – Drummer Alchemy Heroes

Alchemy heroes recording drums van nuys full band recording“The first studio I ever recorded in when I moved to LA was Record Plant. I’ve also had the great experience of playing in studio’s like Studio City Sounds, and Eldorado, along with a good mix of home studios that had great professional level gear. Sometimes in the creative process I have found myself feeling like I’m being told that simply because you are recording into API, SSL, Neve, UA etc. That you’re going to get this great sound, and that has not always been the case.”

“Charlie nailed my drum and guitar tones! “

“We didn’t have to compromise even an inch on our creative vision of what we wanted to achieve with our sound. The attention was on the sound, not the gear, or the mics…..but rather the instruments themselves along with the context of the tones that we were trying to achieve. The final result exceeded my expectations and left me to want for nothing. ( except to get back in there ASAP and record some more tunes!!!) I Cannot recommend this guy and his studio enough!! GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!! At Ultimate Studios, Inc!”

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Tim Canton/Drummer for DANKRUPT

I want to give a shout out to not only a great guy, but a good friend of ours!!! Charlie has helped us with the mixing and mastering of our new ep Dankruptcy. Working with him has been a pleasure, he always makes it fun to record and knows his stuff like a pro. This was my first time personally working with him and it has been a blast. I am looking forward to working with him in the future! Charlie thanks for all the hard work and great sounds you mixed for Dankrupt, We are truly grateful!!

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