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Mix & Master your single, ep, album, or composition at Ultimate Studios, Inc

Music Mixing studio Trident 88 console Ultimate Studios Inc

Bring Your Songs To Life

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Complete Mixing:  Contact for Info

Bring your songs to life with Mixing & Mastering at Ultimate Studios, Inc.! Everything is processed by a combination of new digital technology and vintage analog greatness! All your tracks will run through an awesome sounding analog console and a rack full of analog compressors and eq's. Each one of your songs will be given the attention they deserve!

While digital is great and has it's advantages there is simply no better way to get width and depth than using analog circuitry and Ultimate Studios, Inc is outfitted with a fantastic sounding 32 channel 86 input Trident 88 console with TriMix Automation. Countless classic albums have been recorded and mixed on Trident consoles. Yours should be next!

Not in Los Angeles? No Problem! Using ListenTo from Audio Movers I can send you high quality audio and we can still mix together including having a video chat live. It will be almost like your actually in the studio!

No matter where you recorded your tracks I can help turn them into professional polished recordings! Contact me for a quote.


Every mix is a personalized, custom, job tailored to fit your music!

"I’ve never worked with anyone before this that can get exactly the sounds you ask for.
Somehow I can say, “can you make it more orange” and up comes the sound I’m looking for."

Tim Pedersen - Producer

Mixing in your home studio?

With Group Stem Mixing you get access to great sounding analog gear to help finish your mixes off! Group Stem Mixing is great if you already have a mix that you like but need some help getting it to jump out of the speakers. You know, like the major labels do. We can take your group stems (drums, guitars, vocals, bass, effects, etc..) and run them through the console and our rack of outboard gear to really make your songs pop out of the speakers.


Mastering is the final stage before your songs are released to the wild. Our philosophy on mastering is not to try and make our "stamp" on the sound. It's to make your songs sound the best they can and work together. You've already spent time getting the mixes the way you want them to sound (especially if we've mixed your tracks!) so all we try to do is make sure everything works together. The song, your songs, are our masters and we only do what they need. Single, EP and Album rates. Contact us for a quote.

Your songs will jump out of the speakers! We promise!

Trident 88 mixing console Ultimate Studios Inc

Bring Your Songs To Life

Contact Charlie and get started on your mix today! 818-308-4553


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"I love working with creative, passionate people. My goal as a mix engineer is to get inside an artist's vision and help bring their songs to life exactly as they hear them." says Charlie.

Producer Charlie Waymire behind the Trident 88 Console at Ultimate Studios, Inc
Achieving a truly engaging mix can be a daunting task. After all the time you've spent working on your songs, you deserve just that: a truly engaging mix that brings your artistic visions to life. That's exactly what we do at Ultimate Studios, Inc!

With an ear for sonic detail and a combination of digital and analog mixing styles, Charlie will assist you in getting a mix that brings out the energy and emotion in your songs. No matter what style of music you write or what part of the world you live in, mix engineer Charlie Waymire will get the job done...well!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions! We also offer full Recording Services, Music Producing and awesome Drum Recording too!


**A 50% deposit is required for all mix & master sessions. Final payment is due upon completion but before revisions.
**Prices are a flat rate.
**Complete mixes include:
2 revisions
Full Mix
Instrumental Mix
Accapella Mix
Stems available at an extra cost
**Complete mixes will be scheduled once the deposit has been received.
**Stem mixes can include up to 8 stereo stems (i.e. drums, bass, guitars, keys, vocals, etc..).
***EP & Album rates available for mastering
***Mastering includes Full Mix and Instrumental mix delivered at .wav files.



Frank Johnson


What mixing and mastering converters are you using. Couldn’t find it on the website.

Let me know.

Best wishes,


Hey Frank!
We use Apogee and UAD for mixing and mastering and MOTU for the recording side.