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The Recording Ninja Workshop Live Broadcasts is a community of recording enthusiasts.

Broadcast live from the Ultimate Studios, Inc YouTube Channel every Wednesday it’s a great opportunity for you to have your recording questions answered!

The Recording Ninja Workshop is for engineers, drummers, guitarists, bassists, or any other recording enthusiast of all levels, and of course, ninjas. Our goal is to teach you how to get the BEST sounding drums and the BEST tones for your recordings no matter what your situation is.

We’ll cover easy-to-use techniques for tuning, microphone types, compression, eq, drums, guitar, bass, mixing and how they can be used to make better recordings, and minimal micing setups so you can get GREAT tones with just a few microphones.

“Recording and making music is my passion. I want to share that passion with you and help you and help everyone make better recordings.”

Producer/Engineer Charlie Waymire.

The Art of Recording Drums Vol. 1 - Minimal Micing Setups by Charlie Waymire

The Art of Recording Drums Vol. 1

This is a step by step guide to recording great sounding drums.

Packed full of useful tips and setups that will work in any size studio, regardless of how many microphones you have!

Detailed descriptions of 16 setups including video demonstrations!

Own it today!

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Engineer Charlie Waymire recording drums with Chad Smith and Kevin Chown at Ultimate Studios, Inc

Charlie Waymire, Chad Smith, & Kevin Chown

Besides being an accomplished drummer himself, engineer Charlie Waymire is extremely adept at working with drummers to get the best possible performance and in turn, the best possible drum recordings. This is one of the many reasons that Ultimate Studios, Inc has become a home for drummers to record their drum tracks. Charlie is the tone master when it comes to drums!

Some drummers that Charlie has recorded at Ultimate Studios, Inc. include:

Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Ray Luzier (Korn), Josh Freese (Perfect Circle), Benny Rogers II (Mariah Carey), J.R. Robinson (Michael Jackson), Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper), Mike Avenaim (Scott Weiland), Jeff Bowders (Paul Gilbert), Greg Garman (Selena Gomez), and Nick Adams (David Cook), among several others.


Just missed your guy’s previous workshop. When’s the next one?

Hey Daniel! The next workshop is April 28th. Would love to see you there.


Hello I’m Roberto, you’re great!!! I woul’d like to know something about Drum Recording Nija Workshop. Do you will speack about overhead in a room that hasn’t treatment, or bad treatment. Are the heil sound PR 30 B good in this case?
Thank you very much.

Hey Roberto!
Thank you for the compliment. Yes we speak a LOT about overheads. We talk about a lot of options no matter what type of room you have.

Although I’m a huge fan of the Heil PR30 (I use them all the time!) they aren’t my first choice for overheads. At least not as my go to overheads. They can create a really cool, and unique, overhead sound but may not be the most versatile microphones for that application. However it really depends on your music and what emotion you want to capture.

I hope that helps and I look forward to seeing you at one of the workshops!

I’m new to recording and can’t seem to get a nice “live” drum sound which seems to be a very contemporary sound. I grew up in the 80s so it’s tough to shed the cannon snares and cavernous toms. I’ve begun to use your technique and am blown away by the sounds. I was getting source sounds first then blending in OHs. Now I do the reverse and things are sounding great. Had a tough time letting go of the HH mic but now I don’t even think about it.
Also the way you simplified getting mics in phase really hit home.
Thanks so much for sharing.

Hey Randy!

I’m very happy to hear that the videos have helped you!! Thanks for watching and being a part of the community! Keep me posted on your recording progress!

All the best,

Hi Charlie,
I’ve enjoyed you videos and this is the reason I’m asking a specific question. I’ve recently commissioned the Trident 88 24 in home studio! Love it.
I’m hooking everything to a patch bay and I’m struggling with EFX.
Just for reference, I hooked a stereo in/out efx to the bay. The Aux 7/8 is receiving the inputs of the efx and this where I gotten stumped. The real master panel, I’m using the Stereo EFx Returns where my outputs are coming in from the efx unit. I understand this is a left/ right input. No reverb, could you untangle what I’m doing please.
I would be ever so great full for this thank you! So far everything on the bay is performing nicely.


Who plays the song Veronica ( artist ) on the video … Micing a kick drum with one microphone ? Please tell me … thanks .

Hey Bernie! The band is called King Crazy and the song is called “What’s In A Name”.

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