We’ve had the pleasure of working with some really amazing artists over the years. Here’s a partial list of recording artists that have recorded at Ultimate Studios, Inc

Some of our fantastic clients

Our Dying World
Rob Leines
The Blood Moon Howlers
Tarja Turunen
(Earache Records)
Chad Smith – Red Hot Chili Peppers
Bleeding Harp – Featuring Dug Pinnick on Vocals
Statues of Cats (80/20 Records)
Tomorrows Bad Seeds (Urban Tone Records)
Tita Hutchison (featuring Lee Sklar on bass & Michael Thompson on guitar
Reese Mastin (Sony Music)
Jordan Millar
The Sonic Chameleon
EGH (Let’s Eat Records)
Right Hand Rule
Kyng (RealiD Records)
Broken Decency
PDP (Heavyocity Records)
Donnie Gee
King Crazy (Let’s Eat Records)
Groggy’s Grogg
DKNY (commercial featuring Hilary Duff)
Omni Peace (Educational Campaign)
Drum Magazine
MXL Microphones

Paiste Cymbals (Video featuring:John JR Robinson, Dean Butterworth, Jason Sutter & Franklin Vanderbilt)
Paiste Cymbals (Video featuring Vinnie Coliauta)
Roswell Pro Audio Video/Recording sessions featuring Glenn Sobel, Ric Fierabracci, Jeffery Marshall, Ernesto Homeyer, Philip Bynoe, Greg Garman, and more…
Heil Sound Recording videos

Lindsay Rimes – Producer (Reese Mastin, McClymonts)
Scott Francisco (composer)
Charles Sydnor (composer Malcolm In The Middle)
Benjamin Kahle (composer)
Mike Avenaim – Emblem3/Scott Weiland
Josh Freese – Session Drummer
Ray Luzier – Drummer for Korn
Glen Sobel – Drummer for Alice Cooper
Jeff Bowders – Drummer for Paul Gilbert
David Myers Jr. – Frank Ocean
Henry McDaniel IV – Big Sean/Stanley Clarke
Abel Vallejo
Scott “SVH” Von Heldt
The Local Weather
Camilla Gervide
Forrest Blackburn
Mark Thomas
Katie Campbell
Nathan Carter
Kyle Rector
Kurt Berger
Christina Comley
Santiago Guirdiola
Darren Augustus

Malcolm In The Middle (FOX)
Help You Help Me (ABC)
True North Snacks
The Drinky Crow Show

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