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Welcome to the Ultimate Studios, Inc Recording Studio Tour!

Ultimate Studios, Inc is a state of the art recording studio and mixing studio in Los Angeles, CA. We have plenty of room for you to record anything you need and a vibe that will make you feel right at home.

Led by producer/engineer Charlie Waymire Ultimate Studios, Inc is the home for everyone seeking Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Media Creation, Voice Over, or any other music production needs! In other words Ultimate Studios, Inc is a FULL Music Production Studio with the focus solely on the artist!

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The Control Room at Ultimate Studios, Inc Featuring the Trident 88 32 Channel Console

Ultimate Studios Inc Control Room for mixing and recording with Trident 88 console

Ultimate Studios, Inc features a 305 square foot control room centered around the new Trident 88 24 channel recording console. Loaded with great gear from Trident Audio Developments, Adam Audio, Rupert Neve, Overstayer Recording Equipment, DBX, AMS Neve, Solid State Logic, Tonelux, Daking and more, dialing in the perfect sound won't be a problem!

Plus, the control room has a great vibe, bathroom, and a small lounge off the back to relax and make some food.

The control room featuring the Trident 88 analog recording console at Ultimate Studios, Inc
Trident 88 32 channel console Ultimate Studios Inc Recording Studio Los Angeles

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Live Room/ISO Booth

The large 600 sq ft live room sounds fantastic. It features a rail system around the entire room that allows for complete sonic customization by moving absorbers, RPG Diffusors, and BIG 8' wood polyfusors anywhere you need to create just the right sound.

A great room also needs great gear and we've got you covered! For drums we are loaded with the classic sounds of Gretsch and Ludwig as well as Pearl and Yamaha! Combine that with 19 snares and we'll help you find your perfect sound!

We don't stop at drums though....For guitar and bass we have amps from Marshall, Fender, Framus, Polytone and Mark Bass. We also have a Hammond M3 organ that has been modded to run through any of these great amps. Let's just say we love chasing the perfect tones!

The control room featuring the Trident 88 analog recording console at Ultimate Studios, Inc

Gear List


Mic Pres

Trident 88 Console 32 mic pres
Heritage Audio HA73EQ (Neve Style)
Overstayer Channel Amp x2
Tonelux MP5A
Joe Meek preQ


Adam Audio AH8
Avantone Mix Cube

Outboard Gear

Smart Research C1 (SSL)
SSL E-Dyn 611 Compressors x2
SSL UltraViolet EQ
Overstayer VCA
Tonelux TX5C x2
Trident Audio Hi-Lo x2
Trident Audio 80b EQ x2
Valley People Dynamite x2 (stereo)
Warm Audio WA76 (Revive Audio Mod)
Blue Stripe 1176 (Hairball Audio)
DBX 160x x2
Rupert Neve Portico 5043 (stereo)
Rupert Neve 535 Compressor X2
Rupert Neve 551 EQ x2
Rupert Neve Portico 542 Tape Emulator x2
Sound Skulptor TS500 Tape Emulator x3
Daking FET III (stereo)
IGS Tubecore 500 Compressor
Golden Age Project Comp54 x4 (Neve Style)
Golden Age Project Comp3A JR
ART ProVLA II (Revive Audio Mod)
Aphex 651 Expressor x2
Alesis 3630
AMS Neve 8803 EQ (stereo)
Trident A-Range EQ x2
DIY Recording Equipment 15ips Saturator x2
DIY Recording Equipment Mojo Maestro Passive Clipper x2
Louder Than Liftoff Royal Blue Transformer Saturator x2
Tonelux EQ5P x2
Kush Audio Clariphonic
Kush Audio Electra
Alesis QuadraVerb
Alesis QuadraVerb II
Yamaha SPX90 II
Yamaha ProR3
TC Electronics M3000
TC Electronics D-Two
TC Electronics M350
Digitech 128+


AKG 451b
AKG D1000E
Roswell Pro Audio Colares x2
Roswell Pro Audio Delphos x2
Roswell Pro Audio Delphos II x2
Roswell Pro Audio Mini K47 x4
Roswell Pro Audio Mini K87 x2
Roswell Pro Audio Mini K47 KD
Roswell Pro Audio Mini K67x x3
Roswell Pro Audio Mini K47x x2
Roswell Pro Audio Aztec Tube Mic x2 (ELAM 251 like)
MicParts T47
MicParts T25 x4
MicParts SDC84 x4 (Nuemann KM84 style)
Audio-Technica AT4047 x3
Audio-Technica AT4050 x2
Audio-Technica AT4040 x2
Audio-Technica AT4080 x2
Audio-Technica AT4081
Audio-Technica AT4060 Tube Mic x2
Audio-Technica AT4051b
Audio-Technica AT4051a
Audio-Technica ATM450 x2
Audio-Technica ATM250
Audio-Technica ATM230 x3
Audio-Technica ATM650 x2
Audio-Technica AE5100 x2
Audio-Technica AE3000 x5
Audio-Technica AE2500
Audio-Technica Pro63 x2
Cascade Fathead II
Heil Sound PR40
Heil Sound PR30 x3
Heil Sound PR48
MXL A55 Kicker x2
MXL R144 x2
Shure Unidyne III
Shure Unisphere 565
Shure SM57 x3
Shure SM7B
Shure S55
12 Gauge Red 12 x2
12 Gauge Blue 12
Studio Projects C4 X2
Studio Projects C5 x2


Marshall JCM2000
Fender 5150
Framus Dragon
Orange Amps Orange Crush 100
Blackstar HT Club 50 MKII
Polytone Mini Brute III
Bugera BC30
Marshall 4x12 Cabinet
Mark Bass Little Mark II head
Mark Bass 4x10 cabinet
Vintage Fender/JBL 2x15


Yamaha U1 Upright Piano
Hammond M3 (modded for use with amps)

Guitar Pedals

Fulltone OCD
Fulltone Octafuzz
Fulltone 69
MXR 78 Distortion
Boss RE-202 Space Echo
Boss Super Overdrive
Boss DD-5 Delay
Boss SY-200 Synth Pedal
Boss DS1 (modded)
Electro Harmonix OD Glove
Electro Harmonix Big Muff
Joe Meek GbQ
MXR Carbon Copy
MXR 5150 Overdrive
Behringer UC200 Ultra Chorus
ZVEX Mastotron
Behringer UC200 Chorus
Radial EXTC-SA

Drum Sets

Ludwig Classic Maple
Rack Toms: 8x8, 8x10, 8x12, 9x13
Floor Toms: 14x14, 16x16, 16x18
Bass Drums: 14x18, 14x20, 14x22, 14x24, 14x26

Gretsch Renown
Rack Toms: 8x10, 8x12, 9x13
Floor Toms: 14x14, 14x16, 16x16
Bass Drums: 14x22, 18x22, 16x24

Pearl Session Series
Rack Toms: 8x10, 8x12
Floor Toms: 12x14, 16x16
Bass Drums: 18x22

Snare Drums

6x14 Gretsch US Maple
6x14 Gretsch Renown Maple

8x14 Ludwig Black Beauty
6.5x14 Ludwig Classic Maple
6.5x14" Ludwig Raw Copper
6.5x14 Ludwig Supraphonic 402 (The Bonham Snare)
6.5x14 Ludwig Black Beauty
6.5x14 Ludwig Hammered Brass
5x14" Ludwig Black Beauty (10 lug)
5x14 Ludwig Black Beuty (8 lug)
5x14 Ludwig Classic Maple (8 lug)
5x14 Ludwig Hammered Brass
5x14 Ludwig Black Magic
3x13 Ludwig Classic Maple

5.5x14" Pearl Steel
3x14 Pearl Free Floating Maple
7x12 Pearl Maple
6x14 Yamaha Steel
6.5x14 Yamaha Anton Fig w/Wood Hoops


Paiste Rides

22" Dark Energy Mark I
22" Dark Energy Mark II
22" Formula 602 Modern Essential
22" Masters Dark Crash Ride
22" 2002 Medium Ride
20" Signature Dry
20" Alpha Heavy Ride

Paiste Hi-Hats
15" Twenty Series
15" Formula 602 Modern Essential
15" 2002/Giant Beat Combo
14" Signature Dry Crisp
14" 2002 Soundedge
14" Dark Energy Mark I
12" Signature Micro Hats

Paiste Crashes
20" Formula 602 Thin
20" Formula 602 Modern Essential
19" Signature Full
19" Dark Energy Mark I
18" Reflector Heavy Full
18" Reflector Full x2
18" Formula 602 Thin
18" Formula 602 Modern Essential
18" Dark Energy Mark I
18" Signature Full x2
18" Alpha Swiss
17" Dark Energy Mark I
16" Sound Formula Full
16" Formula 602 Thin

Paiste Chinas
18" Rude Novo China
18" Alpha China

Paiste Splashes
12" Alpha Metal Splash
11" Traditional
10" Sound Formula
10" Dimensions
10" Alpha Thin
8" Signature
6" Sound Formula