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Make Your Music Come Alive - Stream at Ultimate Studios, Inc

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Steve Maggiora Live at Ultimate Studios

Bring Your Music To A Global Audience

At Ultimate Studios, Inc, we provide a platform for artists to share their music with a global audience. Our live streaming system allows you to broadcast your music to an unlimited number of listeners, giving you the potential to reach new fans and increase your exposure. With the highest quality video and audio your fans will experience a live recording session....literally!

Our live streams are a Recording Session, Video Shoot and Live Stream all wrapped into 1 great package.

You'll get all the media you need to release a live album, multiple videos or re-edit footage to create endless content for social media.

Contact Us or Call 818-308-4553 for more details

Live Streaming Concerts

Iron Point Live Stream Concert Ultimate Studios Inc Los Angeles

We are uniquely setup as a recording studio that is geared towards the modern music business by offering not only the best in audio recordings but HD Live Streaming as well.

We have upgraded our facility to bring you full HD multi-camera live streaming that looks fantastic and sounds like a recording session. With the ability to stream to multiple platforms at the same time we can bring live music straight to your fans living rooms. Plus, you get all the media you need to create content for all of your social media platforms or to even release a live album. All of this from a single live stream event.


Stream Your Event

A recording studio is an awesome place for an album or EP release party as well as educational seminars, product releases, product demos, concerts & more!

Let Us Do The Work

We can assist you in planning your event as well as any needs after the stream is over. Including mixing, mastering & video editing.

Start to finish, We have you covered!

Ultimate Studios, Inc is a GREAT place for your next event.

We'll help you every step of the way! 818-308-4553

Dauzat St. Marie

Roswell Pro Audio Virtual Showroom w/Charles Ruggiero

Gabby Gordon Live Concert

Iron Point

Kroma Quartet

Boroughs Live at Ultimate Studios, Inc

Max Pfisterer Live at Ultimate Studios, Inc

Roswell Pro Audio Live Featurette

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